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Music Theory For Beginners

Guitar Theory & Chords for Beginners

Popular Chords - RH/LH

Comprehensive list of popular guitar chords incl. charts, formulas and chord theory.

Chords for each natural key - RH/LH

Chords include M, 7, m, m7, maj7, sus4, 7sus4, 6, m6, 9, m9, maj9, 6/9, 7+9, 7-9, aug, 7+5, dim, dim7, -5, 7-5, 9-5, 11, 13.

Moveable Chords - RH/LH

Set-shaped chords played in a variety of positions depending on root and 5th note positions. They include open chords, barre chords and chord charts... ideal for jazzists.

Individual 'A' chords - RH/LH

A comprehensive look at each popular 'A' chord.

Practice Sessions

These sessions include videos, song charts with chords & lyrics, chord charts, instructions and tips, useful information, free downloads...

Beautiful Music

Help Page

Song Charts - A comprehensive look at everything you need to know when reading the song charts on this site.

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