Am9 guitar chords


Am9 comprises of the 1st, b3rd, 5th, b7th, and 9th notes of the A Major Scale.

  • Construction: root, minor third, perfect fifth, minor seventh, and ninth.
  • A Major Scale: A - B - C# - D - E - F# - G# - A - B
  • We need to extend the A Major Scale to accommodate the 9th note of the scale.
  • Chord: Am9
  • Formula: 1 - ♭3 - 5 - ♭7 - 9
  • Notes: A - C - E - G - B

Am9 - A minor ninth (1-b3-5-b7-9)

Spelling: 1st(A), b3rd(C), 5th(E), b7th(G), 9th(B)

Chart Legend Numbered Circles: number inside circle indicates which finger to use
X: Don't play string
White Numbered Circles: Optional Notes
X on string with optional note: if you omit the note, don't play string
Unmarked strings: Play open
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

TAB: Numbers represent frets - not finger positions
Blank Strings: Do not Play
0: play string open

Written: x02413
Notes: x-A-E-B-C-G

e |-3-|
B |-1-|
G |-4-|
D |-2-|
A |-0-|
E |---|

Written: x05557
Notes: x-A-G-C-E-B

e |-7-|
B |-5-|
G |-5-|
D |-5-|
A |-0-|
E |---|

Written: x-12-10-12-12-0
Notes: x-A-C-G-B-E

e |-0--|
B |-12-|
G |-12-|
D |-10-|
A |-12-|
E |----|

↓ Am9 Guitar Chords


  • A minor 9th chord implies the presence of the preceding 1st, ♭3rd, 5th, ♭7th, before the added 9th.
  • This could also be written as Am7add9 and is used in jazz and alternative styles of music.
  • Standard keys using the Am9 chord: C major/ Am. This shows the major key as well as its relative minor key. Both the C Major and A minor scales share the same notes & key signature.
    Am9 (A - C - E - G - B) utilizes notes belonging to the C Major/Am Scale (C-D-E-F-G-A-B).
    Other keys include: G major/Em, D major/Bm and F Major/Dm.
  • The chord has a jazzy and mellow quality due to the presence of the 9th (B) in addition to the standard minor triad (A, C, E). It's a chord that can evoke emotions and add sophistication to your chord progressions.
  • The chord is commonly used in jazz, R&B, and other genres that emphasize extended harmonies. It can also work well in singer-songwriter and acoustic arrangements, adding color to your chord progressions.
  • The chord can often be used as a substitution for the regular Am chord to add a more complex and interesting flavor to your music.
  • Experiment with different strumming patterns and picking techniques to bring out the unique qualities of the Am9 chord. Consider using a softer touch to match its mellow sound.
  • If you want to practice playing a song with m9 chords including Am9 try Copacabana by Barry Manilow. If you can master this song you are doing very well!
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