Music Scales Theory

Major & Minor Scales

The definition of a music scale, different types of scales, and the characteristics that set them apart.

C Major Scale
C Major Scale

Music scales are a series of musical notes ordered in a specific way. They are the building blocks of melodies and harmony in all types of music. The most common scales are major and minor, but there are many others used around the world. Understanding scales gives you the foundation for playing chords, improvising solos, and appreciating music from different cultures.

Practicing scales trains your ear to recognize the unique sounds of different scales, like the difference between major and minor, or between melodic and harmonic minor. This knowledge empowers you to master your instrument, regardless of whether you play guitar, piano, or something else. For guitarists specifically, learning scales allows you to play them in various positions on the fretboard, easily identify chords, and navigate the fretboard with greater speed and accuracy.

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Music Scales

Music Scales
  • what is a music scale?
  • diatonic and chromatic scales?
  • major scales?
  • minor scales - natural or relative, harmonic and melodic minor scales?
  • rules for music scales?
  • technical names of scale degrees - the technical names for each note in a music scale?... more

Major Scales

  • what is a major scale?
  • major scale using tones and semitones
  • The Step Method for calculating notes in any major scale
  • Music Chart: a list of all the major scales, their sharps and flats and also the order of sharps and download
  • the meaning of enharmonic?
  • video - calculating a major scale using the circle of fifths... more

Minor Scales

  • what is a minor scale?
  • natural, harmonic and melodic scales
  • how do the minor scales differ from each other?
  • different Methods for Calculating Minor Scales
  • The Step Method and Scale Method
  • Music Charts: major scales and their relative minor download
  • video - creating a circle of fifths
  • video - using a circle of fifths for minor keys... more
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