Am6 Guitar Chords


A6 guitar chords consist of the 1st, b3rd, 5th and 6th notes of the A Major Scale.

  • Construction: root, minor third, perfect fifth, and major sixth.
  • A Major Scale: A - B - C# - D - E - F# - G#
  • Chord: Am6
  • Formula: 1 - ♭3 - 5 - 6
  • Notes: A - C - E - F#

Am6 - A minor sixth (1-b3-5-6)

Spelling: 1st(A), b3rd(C), 5th(E), 6th(F#)

Chart Legend Numbered Circles: number inside circle indicates which finger to use
X: Don't play string
White Numbered Circles: Optional Notes
X on string with optional note: if you omit the note, don't play string
Unmarked strings: Play open
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

TAB: Numbers represent frets - not finger positions
Blank Strings: Do not Play
0: play string open

Written: x02212
Notes: x-A-E-A-C-F#

e |-2-|
B |-1-|
G |-2-|
D |-2-|
A |-0-|
E |---|

Written: 577575
Notes: A-E-A-C#-F#-A

e |-5-|
B |-7-|
G |-5-|
D |-7-|
A |-7-|
E |-5-|

Written: x-0-10-11-10-0
Notes: x-A-C#-F#-A-E

e |-0--|
B |-10-|
G |-11-|
D |-10-|
A |-0--|
E |----|

↓ Am6 Guitar Chords


  • The 3rd position chord - very nice!
  • Standard keys using the Am6 chord: G major/E minor.
    Em is the relative minor of G major which means both scales share the same notes. There are many other keys that could use this chord, but we concentrate on the 'standard' key progressions which means in this example, chords that utilize notes belonging to the G Major Scale (G-A-B-C-D-E-F#) ... Am6 meets the criterion (A - C - E - F#).
    Other keys include C major/Am, D Major/Bm, F Major/Dm
  • The Am6 chord has a mellow and jazzy quality due to the inclusion of the major 6th interval (F#) in addition to the standard minor triad (A, C, E). This chord can evoke feelings of calmness and introspection.
  • The chord is commonly used in jazz, bossa nova, and other genres that embrace extended harmonies. It can also work well in folk, pop, and acoustic arrangements, providing a distinctive tonal character.
  • The chord can serve as a substitution for the regular Am chord, adding a more complex and rich sound to your chord progressions.

Practice: If you want to practice playing a song with Am6 chords, you may like to try any of the following:

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