Movable m chords

We include moveable minor chords in a variety of shapes including open chords and barre chords.

You will find chords with root notes on the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings, as well as the 5th note of the chord on strings 5 and 6.

You will need to know the guitar notes to play these chords so that you have a starting point to play each chord. At the very least you need to know the notes on strings 4, 5 and 6 or how to calculate them from the open strings or by using the 5554 rule. All of this is explained on the guitar notes page.

If you are looking for an Am chord with a root on the 6th string, you will locate the root note on the 5th fret (A note) and follow the charts accordingly.

Chord Chart Legend
Major Moveable Chords - Legend
Legend: Numbers in circles show fingers used to play each note.

Movable Minor Chords

Root note on the 6th string

Right Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R6

Left Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R6 - Lefties

  • If the root note on the 6th string is A, the chord will be Am... etc.
  • This is a standard 'Em shape' barre chord... extremely versatile.

↓ Movable Minor Chords - RH

↓ Movable Minor Chords - LH

Root note on the 5th string

Right Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R5

Left Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R5 - Lefties

  • The 1st chord is most commonly used - the standard 'Am' shape barre chord. The reason for so many circles with the number 1 is that you have options depending on how you want to play it.
  • If you only play the blue notes, and omit the optional notes, you need to avoid hitting strings 1 & 6 unless they are notes within the chord, which you may want to use, however listen to them first. Although they may be part of the chord, they may also dominate the chord or even 'muddy' the chord depending on whether you are adding a root, 3rd or 5th... always listen first, and then decide.
  • The first example is easier than the 2nd, as the chord may be a bit of a stretch for some, however it is worth the effort.
Root note on the 4th string

Right Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R5

Left Handers
Movable Minor Chords - R5 - Lefties

  • This chord sounds a little unusual at first, but it grows on you.
  • The chord requires some serious stretching, and perhaps sounds a little fuller with the 5th (optional) note added, however the choice is yours.
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