Beautiful chords

by Christina Aguilera

  • Beautiful was written by Linda Perry and originally recorded by Christina Aguilera in 2001 with the single release on Nov 16, 2002 from the album Stripped.
  • Music: Key of E♭ Major in 4/4 time at 77 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: E♭, E♭7, Cm, Cm7, A♭m, Fm
  • Easier in D Major: Easier chords to play on guitar
  • Chords in D Major: D, D7, Bm, Bm7, Gm, Em
Numbered Circles: Fingers used to play chords   O: Optional Note
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings   R: Root Note
Unmarked strings: Play open   X: Don't play string    B: Bass Note
D Major D7 Bm Bm Gm Em Bm7 Bm7
D Major D7 Bm BmGmEm Bm7 Bm7
ASCII Chord Charts: number=fret, x= don't play, 0=play open, (B)=barre chord
Chord Guitar Piano Chord Guitar Piano
D xx0232 D-F#-A Gm 355333 (B) G-Bb-D
D7 xx0232 D-F#-A Em 022000 E-G-B
Bm xx4432 B-D-F# Bm x24432 (B) B-D-F#
Bm7 x20202 B-D-F#-A Bm7 x24432 (B) B-D-F#-A

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Capo on 1 if playing with the video
Song Key is highlighted - Transpose to any other key
                 D       D7         Bm7       Gm 
Intro: 4/4  ‖:        |  mmm...  |  mmm... |       :‖
  D                 D7   
1. Ev'-ry day is so won-der-ful
               Bm7             Gm   
   And sud-den-ly it's hard to breathe
  D                   D7   
   Now and then I get in-se-cure
                Bm7            Gm  
   From all the pain, I'm so a-shamed

      G                     Em                   
Chorus: I am beau-ti-ful no mat-ter what they say
        D           D7       Bm7         
        Words can't bring me down
      G                     Em        
        I am beau-ti-ful in ev'-ry sin-gle way
             D           D7       Bm      Bm7       
        Yes, words can't bring me down Oh no-o
     Em                               D       D7      Bm7     Gm        
        So don't you bring me down to-day...     Mmm...    Mmm... 

  D                              D7   
2. To all your friends you're de-li-ri-ous
          Bm7               Gm  
   So con-sumed in all your doom
  D                         D7                           
   Try-in' hard to fill the emp-ti-ness, 
                Bm7                       Gm
   The piece is gone___ Let the puzzle un-done, 
   That's the way it is?

       G                              Em          
Chorus: 'Cause you are beau-ti-ful no mat-ter what they say
         D           D7        Bm       Bm7       
         Words can't bring you down  Oh no-o
       G                        Em        
         You are beau-ti-ful in ev'-ry sin-gle way
              D           D7        Bm          Bm7       
         Yes, words can't bring you down...  oh no...
       Em                              D                               
         So don't you bring me down to-day

Bridge: No mat-ter what we do  (No mat-ter what we do)
        No mat-ter what we say  (No mat-ter what we say)
        We're the song that's out-ta tune   (Yeah eh-eh...)

        Full of beau-ti-ful mis-takes
      D                     D7  
        And ev'-ry-where we go    (And ev'-ry-where we go)
        The sun will al-ways shine   (The sun will al-ways shine)
        And to-mor-row we might a-wake

        On the o-ther side

      G                       Em   
Chorus: We are beau-ti-ful no mat-ter what they say
             D           D7       Bm         Bm7      
        Yes, words won't bring us down... oh no...
      G                       Em       
        We are beau-ti-ful in ev'-ry sin-gle way
        D          D7            Bm         Bm7      
        Words can't  bring  us   down... oh no... 
      Em                           D        D7     Bm7     Gm       
        So don't you bring me down  to-day... Oh...  Yeah-eh...
                                   D       D7      Bm7     Gm          
        Don't you bring me down Yeah...             
                                            D      D
        Don't you bring me down mm-mm-mm to-day |  𝄑  |

PS. The alternative Bm and Bm7 chords are both open chords that can be played if you haven't learned barre chords yet. Bm7 (open) is played just like a B7 chord without the first finger.


  • Level Of Ease: Fairly easy in D Major - you will need to know a few barre chords, but they are fairly easy to play.
  • Song Key : E♭ Major (3 flats - B♭, E♭, and A♭)
  • This is a piano-based song so for pianists, the key doesn't matter. Whatever notes you play, the sound is clean and each note rings true (as long as you play the right notes). On a guitar, the key of the song does matter, especially if you are looking for a clean crisp sound which is requibrown for this song. Enter the capo.
  • This song is in the key of Emajor, which makes it a little hard for beginners to play, so we have placed a capo on the first fret, and play in the key of D major... much easier. To the ear, it is still in the key of E♭ major. We have kept the arrangement as simple as possible, so that beginners can play along.

    If you choose to play in the original key without a capo, it becomes a little harder as most of the chords will be barre chords. It sounds better with a capo as the chords sound crisp and clean, as opposed to some barre chords that can sound slightly muffled if not played well, e.g., E♭, E♭7. The capo is only requibrown if playing with the video.
  • You can play around a little with the D & D7 chord, playing a Dsus4 and D7sus4 on the last beat of their respective bars... adds color. Simply add your little finger to the 1st string, 3rd fret. Instead of |D / / / | you could play |D / / Dsus4|. The same goes with D7 (x00213).
  • If you can't play barre chords:
    For Bm, simply use your first finger on the 1st string 2nd fret as the diagram shows, but make sure you don't play strings 5 & 6.
    For Bm7 you can try an alternative position which is very similar to a B7 chord without the first finger... x20202
    For Gm, you will have to try a mini barre where your first finger will have to cover the first 3 strings on the 3rd fret, and don't play string 6 (bottom E)... if you do manage to play the mini barre successfully, you will have no problems playing a full barre.
  • If you don't want to use a Capo:
    The chord progression in the intro, verses, and bridge is | E♭ | E♭7 | Cm7 | A♭m |
    The chord progression in the choruses is | A♭ | Fm | E♭ / E♭7 / | Cm7 |
    The outro is the same as the intro | E♭ | E♭7| Cm7 | A♭m | ending on | E♭ |
  • Guitarists will find it much easier to play with a capo. For all transpositions, use the Transposer above.
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