Everyone's Waiting chords & lyrics

by Missy Higgins

  • Everyone's Waiting was written by Missy Higgins & Dan Wilson. It was released as a single on June 19, 2012 from the album The Ol' Razzle Dazzle.
  • Music: Key of F# Major in 6/8 time at 160 bpm (♩)... charts below
  • Chords: F#, B, B/F#, Bsus2, C#, C#sus2, C#7, G#m, D#m, D#sus2
  • Easier: Capo on 1 and play in F Major
  • Chords with Capo: F, B♭, B♭/F, B♭sus2, C, Csus2, C7, Gm, Dm, Dsus2

Everyone's Waiting by Missy Higgins

Capo on 1st fret if playing with video

Intro: 6/8    
   | F        Bb/F  | F       |          Bb    | F    |
     Oo-oo-oo Oo-oo   Oo...     Oo-oo-oo Oo-oo   Oo...
   | Dm       Bb    | F       | C    -  C7  |  C   |
     Oo-oo-oo Oo-oo   Oo-oo-oo  Oo

      F            Bb       F
1. I know all the lines to say
        F          Bb          F
   The part I'm ex-pec-ted to play
       Dm         Bb       F              C  -  C7  |  C  |
   But in the ref-lec-tion I am worlds a-way

      F        Bb       F
2. As I put my cos-tume on
    F          Bb      F
   Eye-la-shes one by one
    Dm          Bb      F                  C  -  C7 
   Been do-ing this so long I can tie the knot
  C            Bb
   Be-hind my back

                         F      |  Bb  |
Chorus: And ev'ry-one's wait-ing
      Gm                   C                        F      Bb
        But it's get-ting hard-er to hear what my heart is say-ing
      Gm                  C
       'Cos ev'-ry-one's wait-ing...

   | F  -  Bb  | F    |  F  -  Bb  | F    | C  - C7  |   C   |

         F             Bb          F
2. Just swal-low and breathe, she says
               F             Bb            F
   Re-mem-ber this ain't for you it's for them
       Dm            Bb       F                       C  -  C7 
   And all of those pain-ful les-sons you've had to learn
  C                    Bb     C   |  C  -  C7  |
   You got-ta use them now or  ne-ver...

       C                  F      |  Bb  |
Chorus: 'Cos ev'ry-one's wait-ing
      Gm                  C                        F         Bb
        But it's getting hard-er to hear what my heart keeps say-ing
         Gm                      C
        Turn it off___ I wan-na turn it all off

   |  Dm  | Dsus2  |  C  | Csus2  | Bb  | Bbsus2 | Gm  -  Am  | Bb  -  C  |

   | F        Bb/F  | F       |          Bb    | F    | C  -  C7  |   C   |
     Oo-oo-oo Oo-oo   Oo...     Oo-oo-oo Oo-oo   Oo...

                          F      |  Bb  |
Chorus: When ev'ry-one's wait-ing
      Gm             C                        F         Bb
        It makes it hard-er to hear what my heart keeps say-ing
         Gm                      C
        Turn it off___ I wan-na turn it all off

       F                  Bb
Chorus: But ev'-ry-one's wait-ing 
      Gm            C                          F          Bb
        I hear that an-swers ap-pear when you just stand still
             Gm                        C
        But make it all___ How do you make it all stop
        When ev'-ry-one's wait-ing
      C                        |  Dm   |  Dsus2  |   Bb   |
        Ev'-ry-one's wait-ing... 

🗝️ F Major

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note
B: Bass Note

Right Handed Charts:

Left Handed Charts:


  • Level Of Ease: Moderate with a capo - you will need to know some barre chords. (B♭ and maybe F depending on your preference).
  • Song Key: F# major (6 sharps - F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, E# )
  • Song Key with capo: F major (1 flat - Bb)
  • 6/8 Time: 6 eighth-note/quaver beats per bar, therefore the count is | 1 2 3 4 5 6 |, etc.
  • Tempo: approx. 160 bpm with various fluctuations throughout the song.
  • We have placed a capo on the first fret and play in the key of F Major ( Audibly, it will still sound in the key of F#)
  • This song uses sus2 chords which work very well. A suspended 2nd chord is simply a chord which playes a major 2nd instead of a major 3rd in the chord, therefore the chord formula is 1 - 2 - 5... the tonic followed by a major 2nd followed by a perfect 5th, e.g., Dsus2 is made up of D E A while, Csus2 is made up of C - D - G, and Bbsus2 is made up of B♭ - C - F.
  • Wherever you see a hyphen between 2 chords in a bar means the timing count in that bar is halved for each chord, e.g., | F - B♭ | means 3 beats on F and 3 beats on Bb. Remember the timing is 6 beats per bar.
  • Visit the guitar chords page for help with any chords.
  • I have used a live version, as the official video has too many distractions like waves crashing and quite a long gap without music towards the end. It may become annoying if you are playing along with the song.
  • Great song - talented artist... official video
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