Strangers in the Night chords

by Frank Sinatra
  • Composer: Bert Kaempfert
  • Lyricists: Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder
  • Recorded: April 11, 1966
  • Released: April 12, 1966
  • Album: Strangers in the Night
  • Music: Key of F Major with a key change to G major in 4/4 time at ~ 90 bpm (𝅘𝅥)
  • Chords: F, Fmaj7, F/A, G, Gmaj7, Gm, Gm7, Gdim7, G#dim7, Am, Am7, Adim7, C, C7, Cm, Dm7
Chart Legend
Numbered Circles: Fingers used to play chords   O: Optional Note
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings   R: Root Note
Unmarked strings: Play open   X: Don't play string    B: Bass Note
F Major Fmaj7 F/A Gm Gm7 Gdim7 G#dim7/Abdim7 Am Am7 Adim7 C Major C7 Cm Dm7
F Major Fmaj7 F/A Gm Gm7 Gdim7 G#dim7/Abdim7 Am Am7 Adim7 C Major C7 Cm Dm7

Strangers in the Night

Song Key is highlighted - Transpose to any other key
             Fmaj7                    C7
Intro: 4/4 |       |   %   |   %   |      |

   Stran-gers in the night ex-chang-ing glan-ces
   Won-d'ring in the night, What were the chances
   We'd be shar-ing love
F/A            Abdim7    Gm         Gm7
   Be-fore the night was through |       |
   Some-thing in your eyes was so in-vit-ing
   Some-thing in your smile was so ex-cit-ing
   Some-thing in my heart
             C7        Fmaj7  
   Told me I must have you  |  %  |
   Stran-gers in the night
   Two lone-ly peo-ple we were stran-gers in the night
   Up to the mo-ment
   When we said our first hel-lo
   Lit-tle did we know
   F               Dm7
   Love was just a glance a-way
     Gm7              C7
   A warm em-brac-ing dance a-way, and...
   E-ver since that night we've been to-geth-er   
   Lo-vers at first sight, in love for-ev-er 
   Gm               C7
   It turned out so right
Gm7               C7     F   
   For strang-ers in the night  |  %  |
             Cm            Adim7          Gm
   Instr: |      |   %   |       |  %  |      |  %  |       
   F               Dm7
   Love was just a glance a-way
     Gm7              C7
   A warm em-brac-ing dance a-way... (key change)
   Ev-er since that night we've been to-geth-er
   Lo-vers at first sight, in love for-ev-er
   Am               D7
   It turned out so right
Am7               D7     G        Am7
   For stran-gers in the night |       |
   Do be de be do... Do do do de da
   Gmaj7                 Am7
   Da da da da da de.... ah
     G                Gmaj7          Am           G 
   |   Feel |   %   |       |  %  |      |  %  |     |...

Frank Sinatra

Strangers in the Night Album
Album Cover

Frank Sinatra, often referred to as "Ol' Blue Eyes" or simply "The Voice," was one of the most influential and iconic singers of the 20th century. Born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra's career spanned several decades, and he achieved remarkable success in various aspects of the entertainment industry, including music, film, and television.

Sinatra's rendition of "Strangers in the Night" became one of his signature songs and a significant milestone in his career. Released in 1966 as a single and later included in the album of the same name, the song marked a departure from Sinatra's earlier jazz and swing style towards a more contemporary pop sound. Despite initial skepticism from Sinatra himself about the song's potential, it went on to become one of his biggest hits and a commercial triumph.

The song reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also topped charts in various other countries around the world. It earned Sinatra several accolades, including Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 1967. "Strangers in the Night" remains one of Sinatra's most recognizable songs, continuing in popularity the world over.

Sinatra's interpretation of the song not only showcased his exceptional vocal talent but also demonstrated his ability to adapt to evolving musical trends while maintaining his distinctive style and charisma. Throughout his career, Sinatra's contributions to music and entertainment left an indelible mark, cementing his status as a cultural icon and ensuring his legacy lives on for generations to come.

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