Bridget Flynn chords & lyrics

by The Irish Rovers

  • Music: Key of Fm in 4/4 time at 124 bpm (♩)
  • Song Chords: Fm, Ab, Cm, Eb
  • Easier with Capo on 1 and play in Em
  • Chords with Capo: Em, G, Bm, D

Bridget Flynn by The Irish Rovers

Capo on 1 if playing with the video

Intro: 4/4 | Em  -  D  |   Em   |   G - D   |   Em   |
           Em            Bm        Em            
1. I've a nice lit-tle house and a cow yard too with grass,
           G             D               Em
   I've a plant gar-den run-ning by the door.
           Em               Bm        Em
   I've a shel-ter for the hens and a sta-ble for the ass
         G            D        Em
   Now, what could a man want more?

            G          D
2. I don't know, maybe so
          Em           Bm              Em
   But a bach-e-lor is ea-sy and he's free.
             Em          Bm                 Em
   But I've lots to look af-ter, though I'm liv-ing all alone
        G           D              Em
   Sure no-bo-dy's look-ing af-ter me.

   | Em  -  D  |   Em   | 

      Em             Bm               Em
3. Me fa-ther often tells me I should go and have a try
       G                D             Em
   To find a girl that owns a bit of land.
          Em               Bm                    Em 
   And I know, the way he says it, that there's some-one on his mind
          G                 D           Em
   And me mo-ther has the whole thing planned.

            G          D 
4. I don't know, maybe so,
               Em              Bm            Em
   But t'would mol-li-fy them great-ly to a-gree.
                Em                Bm              Em
   Now, there's lit-tle Brid-get Flynn, sure it's her I'd love to win,
           G              D      Em
   But she ne-ver has an eye for me.

   | Em  -  D  |   Em   | 

        Em                Bm         Em
5. Now there's a lit-tle girl who's worth her weight in gold,
         G               D                Em
   And that's a de-cent dow-ry, don't you see?
          Em            Bm               Em 
   And I mean to go and ask her just as soon as I get bold,
              G                D      Em
   If she'll come and have an eye for me.

            G            D 
6. Will she go? I don't know,
            Em              Bm             Em
   But I'd love to have her sit-ting on me knee.
             Em           Bm        Em
   And I'll sing like a thrush in a haw-thorn bush
              G                D      Em
   If she'll come and have an eye for me.

       Em        Bm        Em    𝄐
Outro: Mm   -    Mm   -    Mm Mm Mm

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