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At Bell & Co Music, our aim is to teach and help as many musicians as possible... especially beginner guitarists. Learning musicians can sometimes be faced with the uncertainty of how much music theory they need to learn. It really depends on the individual and how serious you are about your music.

Steady as she goes...

We begin with some basic theory or if you know some theory and are a little rusty, you can simply brush up on some existing concepts. Guitarists can learn all the popular guitar chords starting with beginner chords... then we include loads of practice songs.

Music Theory

Music Theory
  • notes, clefs
  • tones, semitones
  • staves, rests
  • intervals, accidentals
  • time & key signatures
  • sharps & flats
  • musical terms
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Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords
  • beginner chords
  • open chords
  • barre chords
  • power chords
  • moveable chords
  • chord charts - RH/LH
  • chord theory            
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Practice Songs

Popular Music
  • practice sessions
  • all playing levels
  • chords & lyrics
  • tabs, tips
  • song details
  • chord charts - RH/LH
  • free downloads
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More Practice Songs

And if you like our practice sessions, there's also Irish Music and Christmas Music... a collection of popular Irish Folk Songs and Christmas Carols with chords and lyrics suitable for all levels of playing experience - ideally suited to guitarists and any instrument where chords are played... let the practice begin.

Christmas Music

Christmas Carols O Holy Night

Five Little Fingers O Christmas Tree

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We at Bell & Co Music hope you enjoy the visit... sit back, relax, and immerse yourself into this wonderful world of music.

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