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We bring you a collection of popular songs throughout the ages with chords and lyrics suitable for all levels of playing experience - ideally suited to guitarists and any instrument where chords are played... let the practice begin.

A music site is never complete without Irish Music! We feature a selection of Irish Folk Songs that will warm your hearts, fill your glasses and keep your toes tapping for hours.

Santa has relocated us! Santa and his Reindeers

Our Christmas Carol and Song chords have moved to our sister site - Bells Christmas Music. Come join us in the festive holiday season and any other season with chords and lyrics to all your Christmas favorites.

My Go-To Pages

  • jguitar.com - If you want to find alternative chords anywhere on the fretboard, this site has you covered. You can listen to each chord strummed and arpeggiated ensuring accurate chord play. There also have a Rhyming Dictionary which songwriters will find very helpful... and lots of other goodies for the learning guitarist.
  • Metronome Online - Great for any type of music session and a great asset in improving your own timing skills. There is also a Tap feature which is very handy for working out the tempo to songs along with the ability to change time signatures.
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