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If you want to be a musician, aur aim is to help you on your journey. If your aim is to be the best musician you can be, we will do our best to get you there.

Music Theory

The world of Music Theory

We begin by exploring the fascinating world of music theory. Join us as we dive into the fundamentals, with everything you need to know to get you started on your musical adventure.

Music Terminology

A Glossary of Musical Terms

We'll introduce you to a handy glossary of essential terminology from A - Z. This knowledge will be your guide for deciphering a wide range of musical scores and compositions.

Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords

We begin with the 15 Essential Chords every beginner needs to know, then view all the popular guitar chords along with the 'what' and 'why' of chords in general. You'll love our charts - they actually make sense!... and we look after the 'Lefties'.

Song Charts

Cool Muso

Now it's time to gather all your knowledge and put it into 'practice' by playing along with a selection of songs that cater to all levels of playing experience. Song pages include videos, chord charts, tips and any other resource we could find.

Timeless Tales in Irish Melodies

A music site is never really complete without Irish Music. We feature a selection of Irish Folk Songs that will warm your hearts, fill your glasses and keep your toes tapping for hours.

Celtic Knot Grace
Danny Boy Danny Boy
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Irish Eyes
Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town

Santa has relocated us!

Santa and his Reindeers

Our Christmas Carol and Song chords have moved to our sister site - Bells Christmas Music. Come join us in the festive holiday season with chords and lyrics to all your Christmas favorites... along with heaps of other goodies!

My Go-To Pages

  • - If you like to see your chords on a fretboard, this is the site for you! Pick a chord that includes a number of voicings, listen to it, and view it horizontally or vertically along with the choice of a left or right-handed fretboard. It comes with a list of goodies including a metronome and guitar tuner along with a Chord Identifier. The Circle Of Fifths tool establishes all the Modes with formulas, notes, and chords... very nice!
  • - If you want to find alternative chords anywhere on the fretboard, this site has you covered. You can listen to each chord strummed and arpeggiated ensuring accurate chord play. You can also find chords with a specific bass note requirement. You may enjoy the Rhyming Dictionary which songwriters will find very helpful... and lots of other goodies you may find useful.
  • - If you play electric guitar, and are looking for a comprehensive guide to guitar tab notation and symbols, this is definitely the site for you. It includes numerous examples including ASCII tabs and so much more - a 'must-go-to' site for all guitarists.
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An amazing rendition by The Good, the Bad and the Ugly performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live). Composed by Ennio Morricone.

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