The Sound Of Silence chords & lyrics

by Simon & Garfunkel

  • The Sound Of Silence was written by Paul Simon. This is the original version that was recorded on March 10, 1964 and released in Oct, 1964 from the album Wednesday Morning 3 AM
  • Simon & Garfunkel: American folk-rock duo consisting of singer songwriters, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. They originate from Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, U.S. and their performance history dates from 1957-1970 with a number of reunion concerts along the way.
  • Music: Key of D Minor in 4/4 time at 106 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: Dm, F, Bb, C
  • Please note: If you are playing with the video, you will need to place a capo on the 1st fret... all charts below.

The Sound Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Capo on 1st fret if playing with the video
Intro: 4/4  |  Dm   |  

 Dm                          C
1. Hello dark-ness, my old friend 
   I've come to talk with you a-gain 
  F                        Bb        F
   Be-cause a vi-sion soft-ly creep-ing 
                          Bb         F
   Left its seeds while I was sleep-ing 
           Bb                                F
   And the vi-sion that was plant-ed in my brain 
            | F  - Dm  |
   Still re-mains 
                 C      Dm
   With-in The Sound of Si-lence 
 Dm                                C
2. In rest-less dreams I walked a-lone 
   Nar-row streets of cob-ble stone
                       Bb        F
   'Neath the ha-lo of a street lamp 
                               Bb       F
   I turned my col-lar to the cold and damp 
            Bb                                         F
   When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a ne-on light 
                  | F  - Dm  |
   That split the night 
 F                   C      Dm
   And touched The Sound of Si-lence  

 Dm                           C
3. And in the nak-ed light I saw
   Ten thou-sand peo-ple may-be more 
                         Bb         F
   Peo-ple talk-ing with-out speak-ing 
                         Bb           F
   Peo-ple hear-ing with-out lis-ten-ing 
                    Bb                         F
   People writ-ing songs that voi-ces nev-er shared 
          | F  - Dm  |
   No one dared 
  F               C      Dm
   Dis-turb The Sound of Si-lence  

 Dm                              C
4. "Fools!" said I, "you do not know 
   Si-lence like a can-cer grows 
                         Bb          F
   Hear my words that I might teach you 
                        Bb          F
   Take my arms that I might reach you" 
           Bb                            F  | F  - Dm  |
   But my words like si-lent rain-drops fell 
        F               C      Dm
   And ech-oed in the wells of si-lence 

 Dm                            C
5. And the peo-ple bowed and prayed 
   To the ne-on god they made 
                            Bb        F
   And the sign flashed out its warn-ing 
                        Bb        F
   In the words that it was form-ing 
                           Bb                                                  F
   And the sign said "The words of the proph-ets are writ-ten on the sub-way walls 
                 | F  - Dm  |
   And ten-e-ment halls 
        F                  C...    Dm      | Dm / / - |
   And whis-per'd in The Sounds of Si-lence. 

🗝️ D Minor

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

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