The Mountains Of Pomeroy chords

by Tommy Fleming ft. De Dannan

  • The Mountains of Pomeroy lyrics were written by George Sigerson (11 Jan 1836 – 17 Feb 1925) - an Irish physician, scientist, writer, politician and poet.
  • The song by Tommy Fleming is from the album Tommy Fleming - The Essential Collection.
  • Music: Key of G Major in 2/2 time played freely
  • Chords in G Major: G, Am, C, D, Em
  • Tommy Fleming's version is in Ab Major with chords: Ab, Bbm, Db, Eb, Fm.
  • Easier: If playing with video - much easier to play in G major with capo on 1

The Mountains of Pomeroy by Tommy Fleming ft. De Dannan

Capo on 1st fret if playing with video

Intro: 2/2  |  G  |  D  |  G  |  %  |  

        G         D         Em        C
1. The morn was break-ing bright and fair
        G        Em     Am   |  D  |
   The lark sang in the sky,
             G         D       Em       C
   When the maid she bound her gol-den hair
            G           D       G  |  %  |
   With a blythe glance in her eye

        G      Em       C         D
2. For who be-yond the gay green-wood,
        G       Em        C   |  D  |
   Was wait-ing her with joy
       G       D       Em      C
   Oh who but gal-lant Re-nar-dine
           G            D      G   |  %  |
   On the moun-tains of Po-me-roy.

        G      D      Em        C
3. Full of-ten in the daw-ning hour
         G       Em         C   |  D  |
   Full oft' in twi-light brown
       G       D           Em        C
   He met the maid in the wood-land bo-wer
               G           D        G  |  %  |
   Where the stream comes foam-ing down

        G  - D    Em       Am    D
4. For they were faith-ful in a love
       G          Em       Am  |  D  |
   No wars could e'er des-troy
      G          D          Em      C
   No ty-rant's law touched Re-nar-dine,
           G            D      G  |  %  |
   On the moun-tains of Po-me-roy

         G        D        Em     C
5. Dear love she said I am so a-fraid
            G         Em       Am   |  D  |
   For the foe-man's force and you
             G          D     Em           C
   They've tracked you in the low-land's plain
        G       D         G   |  %  |
   And all the val-ley through

       G        Em        Am        D
6. My kins-men frown when you are named
         G          Em       Am   |  D  |
   Your life they would des-troy
       G         D     Em      C
   Be-ware they say of Re-nar-dine
           G            D      G   |  %  |
   On the moun-tains of Po-me-roy

         G        D         Em        C
7. Fear not fear not sweet-heart he cried
         G       Em     Am   |  D  |
   Fear not the foe for me
        G          D           Em     C
   No chain shall fall, what-e'er be-tide
           G          D       G   |  %  |
   On the arms which will be free!

        G         Em   Am       D
8. Oh leave your cruel kin and come
             G      Em      C   |  D  |
   When the lark is in the sky.
             G       D          Em        C
   And it's with my gun I will guard you well
           G            D      G   |  %  |
   On the moun-tains of Po-me-roy

             G        D         Em       C
9. When the morn had come, she rose and fled
              G       Em       Am   |  D  |
   From her cruel kin and her home
         G         D       Em     C
   And bright the wood and ro-sy red
            G         D          G   |  %  |
   And the tum-bling tor-rent's foam

             G         Em           C         D
10. But the mist came down and the tem-pest roared,
         G     Em          Am    D  
    And all a-round des - troy - ed
           G             D       Em      C
    And a pale drowned bride met Re-nar-dine
            G            D      G   |  %  |
    On the moun-tains of Po-me-roy

       G         D        Em       C
** An out-lawed man in a land for-lorn
         G        Em       C   |  D  |
   He scorned to turn and fly
           G         D       Em       C
   But he kept the cause of free-dom safe
      G        D        G   |  %  |
   U-pon the moun-tain high

  |  G  |  Em  | Am  |  D  |  G  |  Em  | Am  |  D  |

  |  G  |   D  | Em  |  C  |  G  |  D   |  G  |  %  |

🗝️ G Major

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

Right Handed Charts:

Left Handed Charts:

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