Isle Of Innisfree chords & lyrics

by Orla Fallon

  • Isle Of Innisfree was written by Dick Farrelly, an Irish songwriter, policeman and poet born Feruary 17, 1916 in Kells, County Meath, Ireland. The song was first published in 1950.
  • This version by Orla Fallon is featured on her album My Land.
  • Music: G Major in 4/4 time at ~ 68 bpm (Dotted Minim)
  • Chords: G, C, Am, D, D7, A, G7

Isle Of Innisfree by Orla Fallon

Intro:  Harp

  G                                    C    |  Am  |
1. I've met some folk who say I am a dream-er
                 D            D7                 G
   And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say
               G                      C    |  Am  |
   But sure a bod-ies bound to be a dream-er
                  D         D7             G
   When all the things he loves are far a-way

                   G                       C    |  Am  |
2. And prec-ious things are dreams unto an e-xile
                  D        D7               G
   They take him o'er the land a-cross the sea
                  G                      C    |  Am  |
   Es-pec-ially when it hap-pens he's an e-xile
                   D       D7             G   |  G7  |
   From that dear lov-ely Isle of In-nis-free

                 C                            G
   And when the moon-light peeps a-cross the roof tops
                 A                      D  |  D7  |
   Of this great ci-ty wond-rous tho it be
                G                        C     |  Am  |
   I scarc-ely feel its won-der or its laugh-ter
                D        D7             G
   I'm once a-gain back home in In-nis-free

   |     G      |     C     |     C     |     G     |

  G                                            C     |  Am  |
3. I wan-der o'er green hills through dream-y val-leys
                D      D7                 G
   And find a peace no oth-er land would know
                G                       C     |  Am  | 
   I hear the birds make mu-sic fit for an-gels
                 D        D7                G
   And watch the ri-vers laugh-ing as they flow

  G                                  C    |  Am  |
4. And then in-to a humb-le shack I wan-der
                D        D7           G
   My dear old home and tend-erly be-hold
                G                          C      |  Am  |
   The folks I love a-round the turf fire gath-ered
               D         D7           G  |  G7  |
   On bend-ed knee their Ros-a-ry is told

                     C                              G
   But dreams don't last though dreams are not for-got-ten
                 A                    D  |  D7  |
   And soon I'm back to stern re-a-li-ty
                    G                             C      |  Am  |
   But though they pave the foot-paths here with gold dust
                   D        D7             G
   I still would choose my Isle of In-nis-free

🗝️ G Major

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

Right Handed Charts:

P.S. You may find it a little difficult to strum along with Orla and her harp. Just try playing down-strokes with every chord change till you become more familiar with the piece.

Left Handed Charts:

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