Nutbush City Limits chords and lyrics

by Tina Turner

  • Nutbush City Limits was written by Tina Turner where she reminisces about her home town of Nutbush in Tennessee. The song was produced by her musical partner and husband, Ike Turner and was the last hit single they would produce together.
  • Recorded: May 1973
  • Released: June 1973 from the album of the same name just prior to her separation from Ike.
  • Music: A Major in 4/4 time at 156 bpm.
  • Chords: A, A6, A7, C, G
  • Please Note: If you are playing guitar with distortion, you may want to play the major chords (C, G) as power chords (C5, G5)... see charts below.

Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner

Intro: 4/4 ||: A  A6  A  A6  | A7  A6  A  A6:|| X3
           |    C    |   %   |    G   |   %   |
           ||: A  A6  A  A6  | A7  A6  A  A6:|| X2

    |  A     A6    A   A6   | A7  A6  A  A6  |
1. A Church house gin house 
    |  A     A6    A   A6   | A7  A6  A  A6  |
   A school house out–house              (On)
    |  A       A6       A    A6   | A7  A6  A  A6  |
   On high-way num-ber nine-teen
      |  A     A6      A      A6   | A7  A6  A       A6    |
   The people keep the ci-ty clean            (They call it)
                 C                 G
   They call it Nut-bush___    Oh Nut-bush
              |  A   A6  A     A6    | A7  A6  A  A6  |
   They call it Nut-bush Ci-ty Lim-its

   |  A     A6    A   A6   | A7  A6  A  A6  |
Please Note: Continue this pattern of play using the 
             A, A6, A7 chords over the A Chord.

2. Twenty five was the speed limit__ Motor cycle not allowed in it

   You go to the store on Friday's__ You go to Church on Sun-day
                 C                               G
   They call it Nut-bush (little ol' town)__ Oh Nut-bush
   They call it Nut-bush Ci-ty Lim-its

3. You go to the fields on weekdays__ And have a pic-nic on labor day

   You go to town on Saturday__ But go to church ev’ry Sunday
                 C             G
   They call it Nut-bush__ Oh Nut-bush
   They call it Nut-bush Ci-ty Lim-its 

Instr:||: A  A6  A  A6  | A7  A6  A  A6:|| X4
      |    C    |   %   |   G    |   %   |
      ||: A  A6  A  A6  | A7  A6  A  A6:|| X2

4. No whis-ky for sale__ You get caught no avail

   Salt pork and mollases__ Is all you get in jail
                 C             G
   They call it Nut-bush__ Oh Nut-bush
   They call it Nut-bush Ci-ty__ Nut-bush Ci-ty Lim-its 

5. Lit-tle 'ol town in Tennessee__ That's called...

   A quiet little old community

   A one-horse town__ You have to watch

   What you're put-tin' down
   In old Nut-bush__ They call it Nut-bush...

A Major

Red Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4: Fingers/Notes
Column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
(1), (2), (3): optional notes
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string
x: If you are playing power chords, don't play string

Right-Handed Chord Tabs 

Straight Chords:  
           A                 A6                 A7                  C                  G
    e|---|---|---|     e|---|-4-|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|-3-|
    B|---|-3-|---|     B|---|-3-|---|     B|---|-3-|---|     B|-1-|---|---|     B|---|---|---|
    G|---|-2-|---|     G|---|-2-|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|---|---|---|
    D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-2-|---|     D|---|---|---|
    A|---|---|---|     A|---|---|---|     A|---|---|---|     A|---|---|-3-|     A|---|-1-|---|
    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|-2-|
Frets  1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3

Preferred Voicings:
           A                 A6                     A7                  C/C5             G/G5
    e|---|---|---|x  e|---|---|---|---|x  e|---|---|---|---|---|x  e|(1)|---|---|x  e|(1)|---|-----|x
    B|---|-1-|---|   B|---|-1-|---|---|   B|---|-1-|---|---|---|   B|(1)|---|(3)|x  B|(1)|---|-----|x
    G|---|-1-|---|   G|---|-1-|---|---|   G|---|-1-|---|---|---|   G|(1)|---|-3-|   G|(1)|(2)|-----|x
    D|---|-1-|---|   D|---|-1-|---|-3-|   D|---|-1-|---|---|-4-|   D|(1)|---|-3-|   D|(1)|---|-3(4)|
    A|---|---|---|   A|---|---|---|---|   A|---|---|---|---|---|   A|-1-|---|---|   A|(1)|---|-3---|
    E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|-1-|---|-----|
Frets  1   2   3        1   2   3   4        1   2   3   4   5        3   4   5        3   4   5

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 
          A                 A6                 A7                  C                  G
    |---|---|---|e     |---|-4-|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |-3-|---|---|e
    |---|-3-|---|B     |---|-3-|---|B     |---|-3-|---|B     |---|---|-1-|B     |---|---|---|B
    |---|-2-|---|G     |---|-2-|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|---|G
    |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-2-|---|D     |---|---|---|D
    |---|---|---|A     |---|---|---|A     |---|---|---|A     |-3-|---|---|A     |---|-1-|---|A
   x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E     |-2-|---|---|E
      3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1  Frets
      A                     A6                     A7                  C/C5                G/G5
   x|---|---|---|e  x|---|---|---|---|e  x|---|---|---|---|---|e  x|---|---|(1)|e  x|-----|---|(1)|e
    |---|-1-|---|B   |---|---|-1-|---|B   |---|---|---|-1-|---|B  x|(3)|---|(1)|B  x|-----|---|(1)|B
    |---|-1-|---|G   |---|---|-1-|---|G   |---|---|---|-1-|---|G   |-3-|---|(1)|G  x|-----|(2)|(1)|G
    |---|-1-|---|D   |-3-|---|-1-|---|D   |-4-|---|---|-1-|---|D   |-3-|---|(1)|D   |(4)3-|---|(1)|D
    |---|---|---|A   |---|---|---|---|A   |---|---|---|---|---|A   |---|---|-1-|A   |---3-|---|(1)|A
   x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|---|E   |---|---|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E   |-----|---|-1-|E
      3   2   1        4   3   2   1        5   4   3   2   1        3   2   1          3   2   1  Frets

Tina Turner

Tina Turner
Tina Turner

Born: Anna Mae Bullock on 26th November, 1939 in Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.

Profession: Singer-songwriter, choreographer, dancer, musician, actress, producer, author

Music Styles: R&B, pop, soul, dance, rock and roll, pop rock, rock

Active Years: 1958-present

Tina Turner

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