Music Theory Software

Music Theory Software

There are some very good music theory software titles in this section which you may find extremely useful if you are learning music theory. They cater for all ages and all abilities. They include exercises and testing drills which are an important part of the learning process. They teach you how to read music and develop listening skills. Some packages are great for children as they are fun and interactive. Music teachers will find some of these software packages extremely useful as you can track the progress of each individual student.

You will also find some free music theory software to download and try (PC only).

Music Theory Software for both PC & Mac

Musition 4 by Sibelius... video
  • comprehensive music theory software package
  • Suitable for students of all ages
  • Interactive teaching
  • Structured drills & feedback
  • 34 topics
  • Record keeping features
  • Automatically marks tests
  • Ideal for anyone who is teaching or learning an instrument
  • Tap a rhythm with the space bar
  • Learn treble clef, bass clef and C-clefs
  • Learn key signatures, chords & inversions
  • Learn scales & modes, & correct wrong notes
  • Range and transposition of instruments.
  • Suitable for all genres of music including rock, pop, jazz, classical...
  • Jazz scale exercises
  • Chord symbols
  • Chord diagrams for guitar
  • A variety of drum styles
  • Also available...Musition 4 - Student Edition
Practica Musica... by Ars Nova
  • Step by step guide to reading music
  • Choose the Beginner's Course or a more in-depth course which incorporates the included textbook
  • Learn how to read pitches, rhythms (all types), key signatures and everything required to read sheet music.
  • Practice reading whole melodies or just single notes
  • Includes a theory textbook which co-ordinates with everything you learn
  • Interactive - all the notes you play are entered onto a music staff which is great for work evaluation. You can even use a practice window to play chords or intervals, and it lets you know what you have just played.
  • Compose your own music with tools which can be used to write, listen and print... excellent for school assignments.
  • Track & record your progress. Print your results or view them on your computer screen.
Auralia 4 by Sibelius
  • comprehensive ear training package
  • 41 topics - divided into 5 groups
  • drill-based teaching method
  • is a fun and easy way to use your computer for ear training
  • variety of graded exercises
  • instant feedback
  • results are recorded
  • play or sing answers using your MIDI keyboard or microphone
  • suitable for all types of musicians from classical to contemporary
  • suitable for all ages
  • New version- Mac & Windows versions in same box
  • Professional version - record keeping for an unlimited amount of users with the ability to use a network
  • Also Available: Sibelius Auralia 4 - Student Edition - CD-ROM
Music Ace by Harmonic Vision
  • Learn the fundamentals of music theory with Maestro Max who is joined by his choir of singing notes
  • 24 lessons with each lesson ending in a game reinforcing concepts and creating a 'fun' experience for kids to learn
  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • Suitable for adults too. They seem to have more fun than the kids!
  • Lessons include all the Basics of Music Theory
  • Lessons include pitch, treble & bass clef, tones, semitones, sharps and flats, key signatures and an introduction to music scales, namely the major scale.
Music Ace 2 by Harmonic Vision
  • Max & his Singing Notes are back with a Music Ace sequel
  • Can be purchased separately
  • Great introduction to learning about melody & rhythm and putting these concepts into practice.
  • Learn the essentials of music
  • Narration and colorful graphics - each lesson ends with a game designed to reinforce new concepts.
  • There are games to play at the end of each lesson which help to strengthen concepts studied in the day's session
  • Lessons include rhythm, names of notes, revision of sharps & flats, rests, major & minor scales, key signatures, dotted notes, syncopation, time signatures, intervals, and harmony
Music ACE Deluxe by Harmonic Vision
  • Excellent for beginners & music lovers
  • A fun and interactive way to learn music
  • Can use General Midi Keyboards
  • 36 lessons which will teach you all the important music concepts
  • You will find some challenging levels to help you improve and develop basic skills
  • You will cover all the important basic music theory concepts to get you started and on your way
  • You can even listen to your own music creations by using the Doodle Pad
  • Learn at your own pace
  • very popular

Free Music Theory Software...PC only

Len Mus - Phonascus

Phonascus is a free music software program for studying and practicing music theory. It includes:
  • Books and lessons on music theory.
  • Interactive exercises or theory and aural training.
  • You can customize the exercises to meet your needs.
  • Includes a score editor.
  • can install the windows version on Mac OS X... detailed instructions at the site
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