Norwegian Wood chords & lyrics

(This Bird Has Flown) by The Beatles

Norwegian Wood was written by Lennon/McCartney. The song was produced by George Martin - recorded on the 12th & 21st October, 1965, and released December 3rd, 1965 from the album Rubber Soul.

Music: Key of E Major in 12/8 time at ~ 60 bpm (♩.)
Chords: E, Bm7, Em, A, F#m7, B
The Beatles

Norwegian Wood by The Beatles

Capo on 1 if playing with the video

Norwegian Wood Intro 
Intro: 12/8 || E | E Bm7 A E || x 2 Beat Count: ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪♪♪♪♪ E 1. I once had a girl Bm7 A E Or should I say she once had me E She showed me her room Bm7 A E Is-n't it good__ Nor-we-gian wood Em She asked me to stay A And she told me to sit an-y-where Em So I looked a-round | F#m7 - B | And I no-ticed there was-n't a chair E 2. I sat on the rug bi-ding my time Bm7 A E Drink-ing her wine E We talked un-til two and then she said Bm7 A E "It's time for bed" Instr: || E | E Bm7 A E || x 2 Em She told me she worked A In the morn-ing and start-ed to laugh Em I told her I did-n't | F#m7 - B | And crawled off to sleep in the bath E 3. And when I a-woke__ I was a-lone Bm7 A E This bird had flown E So I lit the fire Bm7 A E Is-n't it good Nor-we-gian wood (hold) Outro: | E | E Bm7 A E |

E Major

Red numbers: Finger positions/notes played
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string

Right-Handed Guitarist
          E               Em                A                B               Bm7             F#m7 
   e|---|---|---|   e|---|---|---|   e|---|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|
   B|---|---|---|   B|---|---|---|   B|---|-3-|---|   B|-1-|---|-4-|   B|-1-|-1-|---|   B|-1-|---|---|
   G|-1-|---|---|   G|---|---|---|   G|---|-2-|---|   G|-1-|---|-3-|   G|-1-|---|---|   G|-1-|---|---|
   D|---|-3-|---|   D|---|-2-|---|   D|---|-1-|---|   D|-1-|---|-2-|   D|-1-|---|-1-|   D|-1-|---|---|
   A|---|-2-|---|   A|---|-1-|---|   A|---|---|---|   A|-1-|---|---|   A|-1-|---|---|   A|-1-|---|-3-|
   E|---|---|---|   E|---|---|---|   E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|-1-|---|---| 
Frets 1   2   3        1   2   3        1   2   3        2   3   4        2   3   4        2   3   4 

Left-Handed Guitarist 
       E               Em                A                B               Bm7             F#m7
 |---|---|---|e   |---|---|---|e   |---|---|---|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e
 |---|---|---|B   |---|---|---|B   |---|-3-|---|B   |-4-|---|-1-|B   |---|-2-|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B
 |---|---|-1-|G   |---|---|---|G   |---|-2-|---|G   |-3-|---|-1-|G   |---|---|-1-|G   |---|---|-1-|G
 |---|-3-|---|D   |---|-2-|---|D   |---|-1-|---|D   |-2-|---|-1-|D   |-3-|---|-1-|D   |---|---|-1-|D
 |---|-2-|---|A   |---|-1-|---|A   |---|---|---|A   |---|---|-1-|A   |---|---|-1-|A   |-2-|---|-1-|A
 |---|---|---|E   |---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E   |---|---|-1-|E
   3   2   1        3   2   1        3   2   1        4   3   2        4   3   2        4   3   2  Frets
Please Note: The B chord can be played using a mini bar with the 3rd finger/4th fret instead in using fingers 2, 3 and 4 Metronome set at 60 bpm (♩.) There are 12 x quarter-note beats per bar and a dotted quarter-note = 3 beats The metronome will sound on every 3rd beat (red numbers) → 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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