Girl chords & lyrics

by The Beatles

Girl was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was recorded on Nov 11th, 1965 at EMI Studios in London, and the single released on Dec 3rd, 1965 from the album Rubber Soul.

Music: Key of C Minor in 4/4 time at ~ 96 bpm (♩)
Chords: Cm, Cm7, C, C7, Gm, G7, Fm, Eb, Ab, Bb7
The Beatles

Girl by The Beatles

            Cm        G7                Cm    Cm7
1. Is there any-bo-dy go-ing to lis-ten to my sto-ry
   Fm                               Eb  -  G7
   All a-bout the girl who came to stay?
              Cm               G7              C        Cm7
   She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sor-ry
   Fm                              | Cm  / / Ab  | 
   Still you don't re-gret a sin-gle day...  Ah

         Eb   Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |  Eb     Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |
Chorus:  Gi - irl__              Girl   Girl__

           Cm               G7               Cm      Cm7
2. When I think of all the times I tried so hard to leave her
   Fm                               Eb  -  G7
   She will turn to me and start to cry
            Cm             G7             C     Cm7
   And she prom-i-ses the earth to me and I be-lieve her
   Fm                              | Cm  / / Ab  |
   A-fter all this time I don't know why...  Ah

        Eb   Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |  Eb     Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |
Chorus: Gi - irl__              Girl   Girl__

         Fm                                  C7
Bridge: She's the kind of girl who puts you down when friends are there
                    Fm   |  C7  |
        You feel a fool
         Fm                                   C7
        When you say she's looking good, she acts as if it's understood
              Fm                        Ab
        She's coo - ool__   Oo - oo__   Oo - oo__   Oo - oo__

        Eb   Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |  Eb     Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |
Chorus: Gi - irl__              Girl   Girl__

            Cm                G7                    Cm     Cm7
3. Was she told when she was young that pain would lead to plea-sure?
   Fm                                 Eb  -  G7
   Did she un-der-stand it when they said
          Cm                  G7               C     Cm7
   That a man must break his back to earn his day of lei-sure?
   Fm                                  | Cm  / / Ab  |
   Will she still be-lieve it when he's dead...  Ah

        Eb   Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |  Eb     Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |
Chorus: Gi - irl__              Girl   Girl__

Instr: | Cm   - G7  | Cm  - Cm7  |  Fm  | Eb  -   G7  |
       | Cm   - G7  | Cm  - Cm7  |  Fm  | Cm  / / Ab  |
        Eb   Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |  Eb     Gm  | Fm  - Bb7  |
Chorus: Gi - irl__              Girl   Girl... (fade out)

Please Note:

I have used a G7 barre chord in this song as it easier to move from Eb → G7, and from Cm → G7.

For beginners, an easier key is Am. If you are playing with the video you will need to place a Capo on III - transposition is as follows:

C Minor    Cm  Cm7   C    C7   Gm   G7   Fm   Eb  Ab  Bb7

A Minor    Am  Am7   A    A7   Em   E7   Dm   C   F   G7 

Use the transposition service below and make the necessary key changes for a complete visual of the new key with lyrics.

C Minor

Red numbers: Finger positions/notes played
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string
alt: alternative chord voicing

Right-Handed Guitarist
         Cm               Cm7               C               C7               Bb7                Eb  
   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|---|---|---|   e|---|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|---|
   B|-1-|-2-|---|   B|-1-|-2-|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|-4-|   B|-1-|-2-|---|---|
   G|-1-|---|-4-|   G|-1-|---|---|   G|---|---|---|   G|---|---|-4-|   G|-1-|---|---|   G|-1-|---|---|---|
   D|-1-|---|-3-|   D|-1-|---|-3-|   D|---|-2-|---|   D|---|-2-|---|   D|-1-|---|-2-|   D|---|---|-3-|---|
   A|-1-|---|---|   A|-1-|---|---|   A|---|---|-3-|   A|---|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|---|   A|---|---|---|-4-|
   E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|x  E|---|---|---|---|x
Frets 3   4   5        3   4   5        1   2   3        1   2   3        1   2   3        3   4   5   6 

         Fm               G7               Gm               Ab               Bb7              Eb
   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|---|   e|-1-|---|-------|
   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|---|   B|-1-|---|-4--3--|
   G|-1-|---|---|   G|-1-|-2-|---|   G|-1-|---|---|   G|-1-|-2-|---|   G|-1-|-2-|---|   G|-1-|---|-3--3--|
   D|-1-|---|-4-|   D|-1-|---|---|   D|-1-|---|-4-|   D|-1-|---|-4-|   D|-1-|---|---|   D|-1-|---|-2--3--|
   A|-1-|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|-3-|   A|-1-|---|-------|
   E|-1-|---|---|   E|-1-|---|---|   E|-1-|---|---|   E|-1-|---|---|   E|-1-|---|---|   E|---|---|-------|x
Frets 1   2   3        3   4   5        3   4   5        4   5   6        6   7   8        6   7   8 

Left-Handed Guitarist 
      Cm               Cm7               C               C7               Bb7              Eb
 |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|---|e   |---|---|---|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|---|-1-|e
 |---|-2-|-1-|B   |---|-2-|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |-4-|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-2-|-1-|B
 |-4-|---|-1-|G   |---|---|-1-|G   |---|---|---|G   |-4-|---|---|G   |---|---|-1-|G   |---|---|---|-1-|G
 |-3-|---|-1-|D   |-3-|---|-1-|D   |---|-2-|---|D   |---|-2-|---|D   |-2-|---|-1-|D   |---|-3-|---|---|D
 |---|---|-1-|A   |---|---|-1-|A   |-3-|---|---|A   |-3-|---|---|A   |---|---|-1-|A   |-4-|---|---|---|A
x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|E  x|---|---|---|---|E
   5   4   3        5   4   3        3   2   1        3   2   1        3   2   1        6   5   4   3  Frets
      Fm               G7               Gm               Ab               Bb7              Eb
 |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |---|---|-1-|e   |-------|---|-1-|e
 |---|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |---|---|-1-|B   |-3---4-|---|-1-|B
 |---|---|-1-|G   |---|-2-|-1-|G   |---|---|-1-|G   |---|-2-|-1-|G   |---|-2-|-1-|G   |-3---3-|---|-1-|G
 |-4-|---|-1-|D   |---|---|-1-|D   |-4-|---|-1-|D   |-4-|---|-1-|D   |---|---|-1-|D   |-3---2-|---|-1-|D
 |-3-|---|-1-|A   |-3-|---|-1-|A   |-3-|---|-1-|A   |-3-|---|-1-|A   |-3-|---|-1-|A   |-------|---|-1-|A
 |---|---|-1-|E   |---|---|-1-|E   |---|---|-1-|E   |---|---|-1-|E   |---|---|-1-|E  x|-------|---|---|E
   3   2   1        5   4   3        5   4   3        6   5   4        8   7   6        8   7   6  Frets
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