A major 7

A - C# - E - G#

The Theory

This chord extension can be written several ways - Amaj7,  AM7,  or A∆7 with Amaj7 the most commonly used.
A Major Scale A - B - C# - D - E - F# - G#
Key Signature key signature
Chord Amaj7
Chord Formula 1 - 3 - 5 - 7
Notes A - C# - E - G#

The Charts

A Major 7 Chords

A major 7 Chords
Position 1st 2nd 3rd
Written Chord x02120 x07654 (x/12)-12-11-999
Chord Notes x-A-E-G#-C#-E x-A-A-C#-E-G# (x/E)-A-C#-E-G#-E
Chord Tabs
e |-0-|
B |-2-|
G |-1-|
D |-2-|
A |---|
E |---|
e |-4-|
B |-5-|
G |-6-|
D |-7-|
A |-0-|
E |---|
e |--9-|
B |--9-|
G |--9-|
D |-11-|
A |-12-|
E |(12)|


In the 3rd position, the chord is written (x/12)-12-11-999, while the notes are written (x/E) - A - C# - E - G# - E. This simply takes into account the optional note, which is the number/letter after the forward slash (/). We also separate any fret greater than 9 with a hyphen so as not to create confusion with double-digits, otherwise the chord above would be written (x/12)1211999... too confusing - which fret belongs to which string? etc.

You will find major 7 chords used often in jazz music and less in mainstream music, however when used cleverly, they can enhance a piece tremendously. The Amaj7 - 3rd position is a little difficult at first, but when you master it, what a sound!... if you can play it with the optional note, you are doing very well.

Standard keys using the A major 7 chord: A Major, E Major, F#m, and C#m. Each of the minor keys is the relative minor of the major keys, i.e., A/F#m, E/C#m. If you are playing songs in any of these keys, you may come across an Amaj7 chord.

Practice: If you want to practice playing a song with Amaj7 chords, you could try White Christmas. Although used sparsely, it still gives you an idea of how it can add warmth to the feel of the song.

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