Silent Night chords & lyrics

by Casting Crowns

  • Silent Night Composer: Franz Gruber
  • Lyrics: Joseph Mohr (1816) - Translated to English by John Freeman Young.
  • Original Published Key: B♭ Major (2 flats - B♭, E♭)
  • Featured Artists: Casting Crowns from the album Peace on Earth
  • Music: Key of B♭ Major in 3/4 time at ~ 78 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: B♭, B♭sus2, E♭, E♭sus2, F7, Gm
  • Easier: Play in A Major - Capo on 1 if playing with the video
  • Chords in A Major: A, Asus2, D, Dsus2, E7, F#m

Silent Night by Casting Crowns

Capo on 1st fret if playing with video

Intro: 3/4 ||  Asus2  || x8

1. Si-lent night___ Ho-ly night
   E7             Asus2
   All is calm___ All is bright
   Dsus2                Asus2
   Round yon Vir-gin___ Mo-ther and Child
   Dsus2            Asus2
   Ho-ly In-fant so ten-der and mild
    E7                  F#m
   Sleep in hea-ven-ly peace
     A      E7        |  A  |  %  |  %  |  %  |
   Sleep in hea-ven-ly peace

2. Si-lent night___ Ho-ly night
    E7                 A
   Shep-herds quake___ At the sight
    D                    A
   Glor-ies stream from hea-ven a-far
    D                    A
   Hea-ve-nly hosts sing Al-le-lu-ia
     E7                   F#m
   Christ the Sav-iour is born      
     A        E7          (A)
   Christ the Sav-iour is born

Instr: ||  A  |  %  |  %  |  %  |  E7  |  %  |  A  |  %  ||

    D                A
** With the an-gels let us sing 
    D           A
   Hal-le-lu-ja to the King
     E7                   F#m
   Christ the Sav-iour is born
     A        E7         |  A  | % | % | % | Asus2  |... repeat and fade
   Christ the Sav-iour is  born

🗝️ A Major

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
White Numbered Circles: Optional Notes
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

Right Handed Charts:

Left Handed Charts:


The song is in the key of B♭ Major which requires a few testing barre chords, so we place the capo and play in A Major which is a much easier key...there is an F#m, but it is an easy barre chord.

If you are playing in the original key of B♭ Major, the transopsition is as follows:

Key: A Major A Asus2 D Dsus2 E7 F#m
Key: B♭Major B♭ B♭sus2 E♭ E♭sus2 F7 Gm

There are a lot of sus2 chords being played in this version, so I have added the sus2 chords in the first verse and not during the remaining verses, but play them if you like... they sound great. I didn't add them in the other verses, just in case you want to play on your own without the backing music. That way you have an idea of what the chord structure would normally be like if you were playing solo.

If you are a beginner, you will find the sus2 chords very easy to play, but you don't have to play them. If you don't know how to play an F#m chord, just play an A chord here... it still sounds fine.

Remember you are in 3/4 time which means 3 quarter-note/crotchet beats per bar.

The simile mark % means you repeat the previous bar, therefore | A | % | % | % | means you play the 'A' chord for 4 bars in total. In the Intro, the Asus2 is played for 8 bars in total.

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