O Holy Night chords & lyrics

by Celtic Woman

  • O Holy Night Composer: Adolphe Charles Adam
  • Lyrics: Johnn Sullivan Dwight
  • Featured Artists: Celtic Woman from the album A Christmas Celebration
  • Music: Key of C Major in 12/8 time at ~ 56 bpm (♩)
  • Song Chords: C, C7, F, G, G7, Em, B7, Am, Dm

O Holy Night by Celtic Woman

Intro: 12/8 ||  C   /   /   F  |   C   /   /   F  ||

   C                      F                  C
1. O Ho-ly night___ The stars are bright-ly shin-ing
                           G                C
   It is the night of our dear Sav-iour's birth
                             F             C  C7
   Long lay the world___ In sin and error pin-ing
                Em            B7            Em
   Till He ap-peared and the Soul felt its worth
       G7                   C
   A thrill of hope___ The wear-y world re-joi-ces
       G7                   C
   For yon-der breaks___ A new and glor-i-ous morn
    Am           Em          Dm              Am
   Fall on your knees___ Oh hear the an-gel voic-es
     C     G7      C     F    C    G7                 C
   O ni - ight di-vine___ O night___ When Christ was born
      G7          C     F    C    G7           (C)
   O night___ Di-vine___ O night___ O night di-vine

Instr: || C   F  G  / | C  / G7  / |  C  F  G  / |  C  / G7 / ||

     C                                F            C   C7
2. Chains shall He break___ For the slave is our broth-er
               Em          B7              Em
   And in His name all op-pres-sion shall cease
          G7                  C
   Sweet hymns of joy___ In grate-ful chor-us raise we
       G7               C
   Let all with-in us praise His Ho-ly name
     Am           Em      Dm            Am
   Christ is the Lord and ev-er ev-er praise we
        C   G7        C    F    C    G7            C
   No - e - el ___ No-el___ O night___ O night di-vine
        G7          C   F     C      G7          C
   No - el ___ No - el___ O night___ O night di-vine
        G7         C... F    C     Dm   C      G7         (C)
   No - el___ No - el – el - el___ O  night___ O night di-vine

Outro: | C  /  /  F  |  C  /  /  F  |     C     |

🗝️ C Major

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

Right Handed Charts:

Left Handed Charts:


Christmas Night
  • Level Of Ease: Easy - ideal for beginners. All chords are easy to play with F and B7 needing a little more attention... you'll enjoy this one.
  • 12/8 Time: 12 eighth-note/quaver beats per bar
  • Tempo: approx 56 bpm (♩.) This means that each beat is counted as a dotted quarter-note/crotchet which is equivalent to 3 eighth/quaver notes for each beat. If we set the tempo for every eighth-note/quaver, it would be racing along at 168 bpm's (3x56) which would be extremely off-putting and not in keeping with the style of song.
  • The 2 bar intro becomes easier if you count the tempo as above, with one count for every 3 quavers. The 12/8 count is actually | 1&& 2&& 3&& 4&& | You can simply count it as | 1 2 3 4 | keeping in mind each beat is equal to 3 eighth-notes/quavers.
  • If you are finger-picking, listen carefully to the harp especially in the intro and at the end of the song. You will hear the picking on every eighth-note/quaver beat... follow this closely and do the same if you are finger-picking. In the Intro, count every eighth-note/quaver as 1 pick, so it would look and play like this |CCC CCC CCC FFF | CCC CCC CCC FFF | - The same 2 bars are played at the end of the song.
  • The simile mark / means you repeat the previous chord or note in the bar, therefore | C / / F | means 3 beats on C major and 1 beat on F major.
  • You will notice timing changes especially towards the end of the song. If you are playing alone, it can be a little off-putting, but stick with it. These are the sorts of things that add to your ability as a musician and help you to broaden your horizons, not only in your playing style, but also in your musical appreciation.
  • This is an excellent arrangement. Notice how the orchestra and choir create an intense 'feel' and mood... along with the superb voices of Celtic Woman.
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