It Came Upon a Midnight Clear chords & lyrics

by Kutless

  • Lyrics - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear: Edmund Hamilton Sears, 1849.
  • Composer: Richard Storrs Willis - 1850 in the original published key of Bb Major.
  • Performance: Kutless from the album This Is Christmas.
  • Music: Key of G# Minor in 6/8 time at 152 bpm (♪)
  • Easier: Key of E Minor (capo on 4 if playing with video)
  • Chords in Em: Em, Em(addF#), Cmaj7, B7, D, G, Am

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Kutless

Capo on 4th fret if playing with video

Intro: 6/8 ||   Em   |   Em/addF#  |   Em   |   Em/addF#  ||
       Em            Cmaj7                    Em                B7  
1. It came up-on the mid-night clear___ That glor-i-ous song of old
        Em               Cmaj7                 Em           D       Em
   From an-gels bend-ing near the earth___ To touch their harps of gold
         B7                Em       G          Cmaj7        Am         D
   Peace on the earth good-will to men___ From heav-ens all grac-ious King
        Em              Cmaj7                 Em      D       (Em)
   The world in sol-emn still-ness lay___ To hear the an-gels sing

   ||    Em     |  Em/addF#  |    Em     |  Em/addF#  ||
         Ah...Ah   Ah...          Ah...Ah   Ah...

           Em                Cmaj7                    Em                  B7 
2. Still through the clo-ven skies they come___ With peace-ful wings un-furled
        Em                    Cmaj7                Em       D      Em  
   And still their heav-en-ly music floats___ O'er all the wear-y world
      B7              Em       G            Cmaj7   Am          D
   A-bove its sad and low-ly plains___ They bend on hov-er-ing wing
       Em               Cmaj7                 Em      D        Em  
   And ev-er o-ver its  Ba-bel sounds___ The bles-sed an-gels sing

Instr: | Em  | Cmaj7  | Em  | B7  | Em  | Cmaj7 | Em  - D  | Em  |

       | B7 | Em  – G  | Cmaj7  - Am  | D  | Em  | Cmaj7  | Em  – D  | Em  | % | % | 

     Em                 Cmaj7                    Em                B7 
3. O ye be-neath life's crush-ing load___ Whose forms are bend-ing low
        Em             Cmaj7                  Em        D        Em
   Who toil a-long the climb-ing way___ With pain-ful steps and slow
        B7                Em       G           Cmaj7    Am      D
   Look now for glad and gold-en hours___ Come swift-ly on the wing
       Em              Cmaj7               Em      D       (Em)
   Oh rest be-side the wear-y road___ And hear the an-gels sing
   ||:   Em   |  Em/addF#  |   Em   |  Em/addF#  :||
                                                     ... repeat and fade

🗝️ E Minor

Numbered Circles: Chord fingering - number inside circle indicates which finger to use
Unmarked strings: Play open
X: Don't play string
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings
R: Root Note

Right Handed Charts:

Left Handed Charts:


  • Level Of Ease: Easy - ideal for beginners (capo)
  • Key Signature: This version of the song is a variation of the original tune, and is played in a minor key of G#m instead of B Major (relative major). Although it sounds slightly different, it adds a different dimension to the song, while still retaining its timeless tradition. It's interesting to note that 'Sixpense None The Richer' did a similar version in the key of Am.
  • We have used a capo on the 4th fret and play in the key of Em. The Em(addF#) simply means you play an Em open chord and add your pinkie on string 4, fret 4 (F#)... see chart.
  • Time Signature: 6/8 - This means there are 6 quaver/eighth-note beats per bar. You can count each bar as | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | or | 1& 2& 3& 4& 5& 6& |
  • Tempo: 152 bpm - your metronome or click track will sound on every eighth-note/quaver.

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