Silver Bells chords & lyrics

by Jim Reeves

  • Silver Bells Music & Lyrics: Jay Livingston & Jay Evans
  • Original Key: B♭ Major
  • Featured Artist: Jim Reeves from the album 12 Songs Of Christmas.
  • Music: Key of F# Major in 3/4 time at ~ 80 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: F#, B, G#m, C#7, G#7
  • Easier - Capo on 4: Play in D Major
  • Chords with Capo: D, G, Em, A7, E7

Silver Bells by Jim Reeves

Capo on 4th fret if playing with video

Intro: 3/4 
     D                G                A7                         D
    Sil-ver Bells___ Sil-ver Bells___ Soon it will be Christ-mas day

           D                                            G          Em
1.  Ci-ty side-walks___ Bu-sy side-walks___ Dressed in hol-i-day  style
           A7                          D
    In the air there's a feel-ing of Christ-mas
                D                                         G           E7 
    Child-ren laugh-ing___ Peo-ple pas-sing___ Meet-ing smile af-ter smile
           A7                            D 
    And on ev’-ry street cor-ner you'll hear____

         D                 G                A7                        D
Chorus: Sil-ver  Bells___ Sil-ver Bells___ It's Chris-mas time in the ci-ty
         D              G                 A7                         D
        Ring-a-ling___ Hear them ring___ Soon it will be Chris-tmas day

                D                                             G             Em
2. Strings of street lights___ Ev-en stop lights___ Blink a bright red and green
           A7                             D
   As the shop-pers rush home with their trea-sures
             D                                            G            E7
   Hear the snow crunch___ See the kids bunch___ This is San-ta's big scene 
          A7                           D 
   And a-bove all this bus-tle you'll hear

         D                 G                 A7                        D
Chorus: Sil-ver  Bells___ Sil-ver  Bells___ It's Chris-mas time in the ci-ty
         D              G                 A7                         D
        Ring-a-ling___ Hear them ring___ Soon it will be Chris-tmas day
         A7                            D  ...
        Soon it will be... Chris-tmas day

A Major

Red Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Fingers/Notes 
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: play open
x: don't play string
(4): Optional Note - If you don't play the optional note, do play the string

 Right Handed Chord Tabs  
           D                  G                 A7                 Em                 E7
    e|---|-2-|---|     e|---|---|-3-|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|
    B|---|---|-3-|     B|---|---|---|     B|---|-3-|---|     B|---|---|---|     B|---|---|(4)|
    G|---|-1-|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|-1-|---|---|
    D|---|---|---|     D|---|---|---|     D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-2-|---|     D|---|---|---|
    A|---|---|---|x    A|---|-1-|---|     A|---|---|---|     A|---|-1-|---|     A|---|-2-|---|
    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|-2-|     E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|     E|---|---|---| 
Frets  1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3 

 Left Handed Chord Tabs   
          D                  G                 A7                 Em                 E7
    |---|-2-|---|e     |-3-|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e
    |-3-|---|---|B     |---|---|---|B     |---|-3-|---|B     |---|---|---|B     |(4)|---|---|B
    |---|-1-|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|-1-|G
    |---|---|---|D     |---|---|---|D     |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-2-|---|D     |---|---|---|D
   x|---|---|---|A     |---|-1-|---|A     |---|---|---|A     |---|-1-|---|A     |---|-2-|---|A
   x|---|---|---|E     |-2-|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E     |---|---|---|E     |---|---|---|E
      3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1  Frets


Silver Bells
  • The original song is in the key of B♭Major and the chords include B♭, E♭, Cm, F7, C7
  • Song Key for this version: F# Major ... 6 sharps - F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, E#.
  • If you are playing with the video: To make it easier so that everyone can play along, there are a couple of options available.

    Option 1: (Easy option) Use a capo on the 2nd fret and play in E Major... E, A, F#m, B7 & F#7

    Option 2: (Easiest option) Use a capo on the 4th fret and play in D Major... D, G, Em, A7 & E7. We will using this option for our session.
  • If you are playing on your own (without the video) you can choose whichever key you like.

Transposition for all mentioned keys:

Original Published Key: B♭Major B♭ E♭ Cm F7 C7
Performance: Key F# Major F# B G#m C#7 G#7
Capo: Fret 2 - E Major E A F#m B7 F#7
Capo: Fret 4 - D Major (Chart) D G Em A7 E7
Jim Reeves
Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves: Born James Travis Reeves on August 20th, 1923 in Galloway, Texas, U.S. He was a Country singer/songwriter who was also known as Gentleman Jim.
He died in a plane crash on the 31st July, 1964 at the early age of 40 in Williamson County, Tennessee, U.S... more

First Recording: Bing Crosby & Carol Richards in 1950.

First Performance: Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell in a motion picture called The Lemon Drop Kid. It was filmed between July and August in 1950, and released in March 1951.

Featured Album: 12 Songs Of Christmas

Sheet Music at OnlineSheetMusic.Comicon - Piano/Vocal/Chords - 6 pages - Digital Print - Playback - Transposable - Bb Major - Bing Crosby from the Paramount Picture "The Lemon Drop Kid"

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