Only Our Rivers Run Free chords & lyrics

by Christy Moore

Only Our Rivers Run Free was written by Mickey MacConnell from Bellanaleck in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in 1973. This cover by Christy Moore is from the album Time Has Come.
Music: Key of C Major in 3/4 time at ~102 bpm (♩)
Chords: C, G, F, Am, Em
Christy Moore

Only Our Rivers Run Free by Christy Moore

        C              G          C
1. When ap-ples still grow in No-vem-ber 
         F                C              G
   When Blos-soms still bloom from each tree 
          F                           C
   When leaves are still green in De-cem-ber 
         G                          Am
   It's then that our land will be free 
      F                     C
   I wan-der her hills and val-leys 
         F                        Em
   And still through my sor-row I see 
      F                         C
   A land that has never known free-dom 
   G                      Am
   On-ly her ri-vers run free 

       F            G           C
2. I drink to the death of her man-hood 
          F            C             G
   Those men who would ra-ther have died 
            F                          C
   Than to live in the cold chains of bon-dage 
        G                             Am
   To bring back their rights were de-nied 
     F                        C
   Where are you now when we need you 
          F                           Em
   What burns where the flame used to be 
           F                           C
   Are ye gone like the snows of last win-ter 
        G                      Am
   Will on-ly our ri-vers run free? 

         F       G              C
3. How sweet is life but we're cry-ing 
        F           C              G
   How mel-low the wine that were dry 
        F                          C
   How fra-grant the rose but it's dy-ing 
        G                       Am
   How gen-tle the wind but it sighs 
         F                          C
   What good is in youth when it's age-ing 
         F                        Em
   What joy is in eyes that can't see 
                 F                        C
   When there's sor-row in sun-shine and flow-ers 
       G                      Am
   And on-ly our ri-vers run free
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C Major

Fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Notes played
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string

Right-Handed Chord Tabs
            C                   G                   F                  Am                  Em      
    e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|-3-|     e |-1-|---|---|     e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|---|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|---|---|
    G |---|---|---|     G |---|---|---|     G |---|-2-|---|     G |---|-3-|---|     G |---|---|---|
    D |---|-2-|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|---|-3-|     D |---|-2-|---|     D |---|-2-|---|
    A |---|---|-3-|     A |---|-1-|---|     A |---|---|---|x    A |---|---|---|     A |---|-1-|---|
    E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|-2-|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|
Frets   1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 
          C                   G                   F                  Am                  Em  
    |---|---|---| e     |-3-|---|---| e     |---|---|-1-| e     |---|---|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|---| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|---| B
    |---|---|---| G     |---|---|---| G     |---|-2-|---| G     |---|-3-|---| G     |---|---|---| G
    |---|-2-|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |-3-|---|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D
    |-3-|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A    x|---|---|---| A     |---|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A
   x|---|---|---| E     |-2-|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E     |---|---|---| E
      3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets
Christy Moore
Christy Moore

Born: Christopher Andrew Moore on the 7th May 1945 in Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland

Occupation: Musician, songwriter

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bodhrán

Active Years: 1969 – present

Music Styles: Folk, Traditional Irish, Pop

Christy Moore

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