Only Our Rivers Run Free chords & lyrics

by Christy Moore

  • Only Our Rivers Run Free was written by Mickey MacConnell from Bellanaleck in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland - 1973.
  • This cover by Christy Moore is from the album Time Has Come.
  • Music: Key of C Major in 3/4 time at ~102 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: C, G, F, Am, Em

Only Our Rivers Run Free by Christy Moore

        C              G          C
1. When ap-ples still grow in No-vem-ber 
         F                C              G
   When Blos-soms still bloom from each tree 
          F                           C
   When leaves are still green in De-cem-ber 
         G                          Am
   It's then that our land will be free 
      F                     C
   I wan-der her hills and val-leys 
         F                        Em
   And still through my sor-row I see 
      F                         C
   A land that has never known free-dom 
   G                      Am
   On-ly her ri-vers run free 

       F            G           C
2. I drink to the death of her man-hood 
          F            C             G
   Those men who would ra-ther have died 
            F                          C
   Than to live in the cold chains of bon-dage 
        G                             Am
   To bring back their rights were de-nied 
     F                        C
   Where are you now when we need you 
          F                           Em
   What burns where the flame used to be 
           F                           C
   Are ye gone like the snows of last win-ter 
        G                      Am
   Will on-ly our ri-vers run free? 

         F       G              C
3. How sweet is life but we're cry-ing 
        F           C              G
   How mel-low the wine that were dry 
        F                          C
   How fra-grant the rose but it's dy-ing 
        G                       Am
   How gen-tle the wind but it sighs 
         F                          C
   What good is in youth when it's age-ing 
         F                        Em
   What joy is in eyes that can't see 
                 F                        C
   When there's sor-row in sun-shine and flow-ers 
       G                      Am
   And on-ly our ri-vers run free

C Major

Fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Notes played
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string

Right-Handed Chord Tabs
            C                   G                   F                  Am                  Em      
    e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|-3-|     e |-1-|---|---|     e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|---|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|---|---|
    G |---|---|---|     G |---|---|---|     G |---|-2-|---|     G |---|-3-|---|     G |---|---|---|
    D |---|-2-|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|---|-3-|     D |---|-2-|---|     D |---|-2-|---|
    A |---|---|-3-|     A |---|-1-|---|     A |---|---|---|x    A |---|---|---|     A |---|-1-|---|
    E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|-2-|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|
Frets   1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 
          C                   G                   F                  Am                  Em  
    |---|---|---| e     |-3-|---|---| e     |---|---|-1-| e     |---|---|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|---| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|---| B
    |---|---|---| G     |---|---|---| G     |---|-2-|---| G     |---|-3-|---| G     |---|---|---| G
    |---|-2-|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |-3-|---|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D
    |-3-|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A    x|---|---|---| A     |---|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A
   x|---|---|---| E     |-2-|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E     |---|---|---| E
      3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets
Christy Moore
Christy Moore

Born: Christopher Andrew Moore on the 7th May 1945 in Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland

Occupation: Musician, songwriter

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bodhrán

Active Years: 1969 – present

Music Styles: Folk, Traditional Irish, Pop

Christy Moore

Official Website:

Only Our Rivers Run Free by Christy Moore is featured on the album Time Has Come.

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