Isle Of Innisfree chords & lyrics

by Orla Fallon

Sheet Music Song Details

Author: Dick Farrelly First Published: 1950
Featured Artist: Orla Fallon from the Album 'My Land'
Song: G Major in 4/4 time at ~ 68 bpm (Dotted Minim)
Chords: G, C, Am, D, D7, A, G7
G: 320003
G7: 320001
C: x32010
Charts below...
A: x02220
Am x03310
D: xx0232
D7: xx0212
We have also included a video of Charlie Landsborough singing the song below...

Charts Sheet Music

Isle Of Innisfree by Orla Fallon

Intro:  Harp

  G                                     C    |  Am  |
1. I've met some folk that say I am a dream-er
                 D            D7                 G
   And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say
               G                      C    |  Am  |
   But sure a bod-ies bound to be a dream-er
                  D         D7             G
   When all the things he loves are far a-way

                   G                       C    |  Am  |
2. And prec-ious things are dreams unto an e-xile
                  D        D7               G
   They take him o'er the land a-cross the sea
                  G                      C    |  Am  |
   Es-pec-ially when it hap-pens he's an e-xile
                   D       D7             G   |  G7  |
   From that dear lov-ely Isle of In-nis-free

                 C                            G
   And when the moon-light peeps a-cross the roof tops
                 A                      D  |  D7  |
   Of this great ci-ty wond-rous tho it be
                G                        C     |  Am  |
   I scarc-ely feel its won-der or its laugh-ter
                D        D7             G
   I'm once a-gain back home in In-nis-free

   |     G      |     C     |     C     |     G     |

  G                                            C     |  Am  |
3. I wan-der o'er green hills through dream-y val-leys
                D      D7                 G
   And find a peace no oth-er land would know
                G                       C     |  Am  | 
   I hear the birds make mu-sic fit for an-gels
                 D        D7                G
   And watch the ri-vers laugh-ing as they flow

  G                                  C    |  Am  |
4. And then in-to a humb-le shack I wan-der
                D        D7           G
   My dear old home and tend-erly be-hold
                G                          C      |  Am  |
   The folks I love a-round the turf fire gath-ered
               D         D7           G  |  G7  |
   On bend-ed knee their Ros-a-ry is told

                     C                             G
   But dreams don't last though dreams are not for-got-ten
                 A                    D  |  D7  |
   And soon I'm back to stern re-a-li-ty
                    G                             C      |  Am  |
   But though they pave the foot-paths here with gold dust
                   D        D7             G
   I still would choose my Isle of In-nis-free

G Major

Fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Notes played
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string

Right-Handed Chord Tabs  
            C                   G                   D                  Am 
    e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|-3-|     e |---|-2-|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|---|---|     B |---|---|-3-|     B |-1-|---|---|
    G |---|---|---|     G |---|---|---|     G |---|-1-|---|     G |---|-3-|---|
    D |---|-2-|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|-2-|---|
    A |---|---|-3-|     A |---|-1-|---|     A |---|---|---|x    A |---|---|---|
    E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|-2-|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|x
Frets   1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3 

           G7                  D7                  A 
    e |-1-|---|---|     e |---|-3-|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |---|---|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|-3-|---|
    G |---|---|---|     G |---|-2-|---|     G |---|-2-|---|
    D |---|---|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|-1-|---|
    A |---|-2-|---|     A |---|---|---|x    A |---|---|---|
    E |---|---|-3-|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|x
Frets   1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 
          C                   G                   D                  Am
    |---|---|---| e     |-3-|---|---| e     |---|-2-|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|-1-| B     |---|---|---| B     |-3-|---|---| B     |---|---|-1-| B
    |---|---|---| G     |---|---|---| G     |---|-1-|---| G     |---|-3-|---| G
    |---|-2-|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D
    |-3-|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A    x|---|---|---| A     |---|---|---| A
   x|---|---|---| E     |-2-|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E
      3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets
         G7                  D7                   A
    |---|---|-1-| e     |---|-3-|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|---| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|-3-|---| B
    |---|---|---| G     |---|-2-|---| G     |---|-2-|---| G
    |---|---|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |---|-1-|---| D
    |---|-2-|---| A    x|---|---|---| A     |---|---|---| A
    |-3-|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E
      3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets

P.S. You may find it a little difficult to strum along with Orla and her harp.
     Just try playing down-strokes with every chord change till you become more
     familiar with the piece.


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Another great rendition by Charlie Landsborough...

I heard this version of the song, and thought you may like to listen to it... another beautiful voice with guitar accompaniment. If you want to play with Charlie Landsborough, the song is in the key of |E♭| with a key change to |F| going into the 3rd verse. However, Charlie uses a capo on the first fret, making things a lot easier. With a capo on the first fret, you play in the key of |D| with a key change to |E|.

The transposition is as follows:
Orla Fallon song chords
Key of G G C Am A D D7 G7

Charlie Landsborough song chords
Key of E♭ E♭ A♭ Fm F B♭ B♭7 E♭7
Key change to F F B♭ Gm G C C7 F7
Capo: 1st fret - Key of D D G Em E A A7 D7
Capo: 1st fret - Key change to E E A F#m F# B B7 E7
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