I Wont Give Up

by Jason Mraz - chords & lyrics

Song Details

Jason mRAZ

Words & Music: Jason Mraz, Michael Natter

Album: Love Is A Four Letter Word

Recorded: 2011

Released: Jan 3rd 2012

Genre: Folk Rock, Pop Rock

Music: Key of E Major in 6/8 time at ~ 136 bpm (♩)
Chords: E, A/E, C#m, F#m, B, Bsus4, Esus4, D, Amaj7, D#dim
Capo: 2nd fret - play in the key of D Major with drop D tuning - tune bottom E downwards 1 whole tone/step.
Chords with Capo & Drop D Tuning: D, G/D, Bm7, Em, A, Asus4, Dsus4, C, Gmaj7, C#dim... charts below.
  • D: 000232
  • G/D: 020003
  • Bm7: 020202
  • Em: x22000
  • A: x02220
  • Bm7: 024232
  • Asus4: x02230
  • Dsus4: 000233
  • C: x32010
  • Gmaj7: 020002
  • Gmaj7: 0x5432
  • C#dim: x4x020
Jason Mraz

Born: Jason Thomas Mraz on June 23rd, 1977 in Mechanicsville, Virginia, U.S.

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician

Years Active: 1999 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, mandola, ukulele, baritone ukulele

Music Styles: Pop rock, alternative rock, blue-eyed soul

Associations: Tristan Prettyman, Bushwalla, Raining Jane

Wikipedia: Jason Mraz

Official Website: jasonmraz.com

Charts - Tabs - Tips

Capo: 2nd fret - Drop D Tuning if playing with the video
I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz

Intro: 6/8 
|-Riff|            | - Riff|            | - Riff|            | - Riff|        |     |
|     | G/D   - D  | D     | G/D   - D  | D     | G/D   - D  | D     | Asus4  |  A  |

                     G/D   D                               G/D   D
1. When I look in-to your eyes___ It's like watch-ing the night sky
                    G/D    D                           Asus4  |  A  |
   Or a beau-ti-ful sun - rise___ There's so much they hold

                      G/D   D                        G/D      D
2. And just like them old stars___ I see that you've come so far
                     G/D   D                     Asus4  |  A  |
   To be right where you  are___ How old is your soul?

                     G     D                  Bm7        A
Chorus: I won't give up on us___ Even if the skies get rough
                         G      D                       Asus4  |  A  |
        I'm giv-ing you all my love___ I'm still looking up

                            G/D    D                 G/D    D
3. And when you're need-ing your space___ To do some nav-i-gat-ing
                G            D                          Asus4  |  A  |
   I'll be here pa-tient-ly wait-ing___ To see what you find

                          G         D                 Bm7           A
Chorus: 'Cause even the stars they burn___ Some e-ven fall to the earth
                     G       D                      Asus4   |  A  |
        We've got a lot to learn___ God knows we're worth it
                       | Gmaj7  -  Em  | Gmaj7  -  Em  |
        No, I won't give up...

Bridge: I don't wan-na be some-one who walks a-way so eas-i-ly
        I'm here to stay and make the dif-fer-ence that I can make
        Our dif-fer-en-ces they do a lot to teach us how to use
                                                 | A    -     Asus4  |   A   |
        The tools and gifts we got yeah, we got a lot at stake
        And in the end, you're still my friend at least we did in-tend

        For us to work we did-n't break, we did-n't burn
        We had to learn how to bend with-out the world cav-ing in
       C                            C#dim                A        | D  - Dsus4  |D  |
        I had to learn what I've got___  And what I'm not and who I am...

                     G     D                  Bm7        A
Chorus: I won't give up on us___ Even if the skies get rough
                         G      D                       Asus4                A  
        I'm giv-ing you all my love___ I'm still looking up___ Still looking up

                          G                  D    
Chorus: Well I won't give up (no I'm not) on us (giving up)
                       Bm7                   A
        God knows I'm tough (I am tough) e-nough (I am loved)
                     G                     D    
        We've got a lot (we're alive) to learn (we are loved)
                        | A         -       Asus4  |    A     |
        God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it)

                     G     D                  Bm7        A
Chorus: I won't give up on us___ Even if the skies get rough
                         G      D                        A  
        I'm giv-ing you all my love___ I'm still looking up...

D Major with Drop D Tuning

Fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Notes played
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string
Drop-D Tuning: Tune string 6 (E) a 'whole tone' lower to D (D-A-D-G-B-e)

Because our bottom string is now D, it will alter the way we play certain
chords with the inclusion of the 6th string - as the note 'D' is in the 
chord structure. Both D and Dsus4 include all 6 strings with Bm7 using the
open D on the 6th string.

Notice the Em chord -  1st finger on the 2nd fret making the leading note 
an E as D is not in the chord structure (D + 2 frets = E).

Right-Handed Chord Tabs   

           G/D            G/D (alt)             D                Bm7
    e |---|---|-3-|   e |-1-|---|---|   e |---|-2-|---|   e |-1-|---|---|
    B |---|---|---|   B |-1-|---|---|   B |---|---|-3-|   B |-1-|-2-|---|
    G |---|---|---|   G |---|-2-|---|   G |---|-1-|---|   G |-1-|---|---|
    D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|-3-|   D |---|---|---|   D |-1-|---|-3-|
    A |---|-1-|---|   A |---|---|---|x  A |---|---|---|   A |-1-|---|---|
    D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|
Frets   1   2   3         3   4   5         1   2   3         2   3   4 

            C                Em               Asus4               A 
    e |---|---|---|   e |---|---|---|   e |---|---|---|   e |---|---|---|
    B |-1-|---|---|   B |---|---|---|   B |---|---|-4-|   B |---|-3-|---|
    G |---|---|---|   G |---|---|---|   G |---|-2-|---|   G |---|-2-|---|
    D |---|-2-|---|   D |---|-3-|---|   D |---|-1-|---|   D |---|-1-|---|
    A |---|---|-3-|   A |---|-2-|---|   A |---|---|---|   A |---|---|---|
    D |---|---|---|x  D |---|-1-|---|   D |---|---|---|x  D |---|---|---|x
Frets   1   2   3         1   2   3         1   2   3         1   2   3 

          Dsus4             C#dim             Gmaj7          Gmaj7 (alt) 
    e |---|---|-4-|   e |---|---|---|   e |---|-3-|---|   e |-1-|---|---|---|
    B |---|---|-3-|   B |-1-|---|---|   B |---|---|---|   B |---|-1-|---|---|
    G |---|-1-|---|   G |---|---|---|   G |---|---|---|   G |---|---|-1-|---|
    D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|x  D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|-1-|
    A |---|---|---|   A |---|---|-3-|   A |---|-2-|---|   A |---|---|---|---|x
    D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|x  D |---|---|---|   D |---|---|---|---|
Frets   1   2   3         2   3   4         1   2   3         2   3   4   5 

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 

          G/D            G/D (alt)             D                Bm7
    |-3-|---|---| e   |---|---|-1-| e   |---|-2-|---| e   |---|---|-1-| e
    |---|---|---| B   |---|---|-1-| B   |-3-|---|---| B   |---|-2-|-1-| B
    |---|---|---| G   |---|-1-|---| G   |---|-1-|---| G   |---|---|-1-| G
    |---|---|---| D   |-1-|---|---| D   |---|---|---| D   |-3-|---|-1-| D
    |---|-1-|---| A  x|---|---|---| A   |---|---|---| A   |---|---|-1-| A
    |---|---|---| D   |---|---|---| D  x|---|---|---| D   |---|---|---| D
      3   2   1         5   4   3         3   2   1         4   3   2   Frets
          C                Em               Asus4               A
    |---|---|---| e   |---|---|---| e   |---|---|---| e   |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|-1-| B   |---|---|---| B   |-3-|---|---| B   |---|-3-|---| B
    |---|---|---| G   |---|---|---| G   |---|-2-|---| G   |---|-2-|---| G
    |---|-1-|---| D   |---|-3-|---| D   |---|-1-|---| D   |---|-1-|---| D
    |-1-|---|---| A   |---|-2-|---| A   |---|---|---| A   |---|---|---| A
   x|---|---|---| D   |---|-1-|---| D  x|---|---|---| D  x|---|---|---| D
      3   2   1         3   2   1         3   2   1         3   2   1   Frets
        Dsus4             C#dim             Gmaj7          Gmaj7 (alt)
    |-4-|---|---| e   |---|---|---| e   |---|-3-|---| e   |---|---|---|-1-| e
    |-3-|---|---| B   |---|---|-1-| B   |---|---|---| B   |---|---|-2-|---| B
    |---|-1-|---| G   |---|---|---| G   |---|---|---| G   |---|-3-|---|---| G
    |---|---|---| D  x|---|---|---| D   |---|---|---| D   |-4-|---|---|---| D
    |---|---|---| A   |-3-|---|---| A   |---|-2-|---| A  x|---|---|---|---| A
    |---|---|---| D  x|---|---|---| D   |---|---|---| D   |---|---|---|---| D
      3   2   1         4   3   2         3   2   1         5   4   3   2   Frets
I Wont Give Up TAB - Intro:
This in a snippet of the song featuring the TAB version of the first 9 bars leading into the song. The full Guitar Tab is available at MusicNotes.Com - Digital Print (9 pages)

I Won't Give Up Tab - Intro


  • Level Of Ease: Moderate depending on how you play it. Jason uses a capo on the 2nd fret and uses Drop D tuning on the 6th string.
  • Drop D tuning simply means you tune the bottom E string (fattest string) down a whole tone (2 semitones) to D. The tuning from the lowest string to the highest string is D - A - D - G - B - E.
  • I have kept the song as simple as possible so that most of you can play along. G/D means a G chord leading with a D Bass Note. If you are using Drop D tuning on your 6th string, make sure you don't finger the 3rd fret, 6th string(G) if you are playing a normal G chord, as you will play an F which will sound very ordinary. Simply leave the string open as it is a D note which is part of a G chord (5th). I have added an alternative chord position for G which Jason uses (see charts).
  • The same applies to other chords which don't have a D note in their chord structure. If you are playing Bm as a barre chord, don't hit the bottom string. If you listen carefully, you can hear chords that don't sound right.
  • If you don't use drop D tuning on the 6th string just play the all the chords as you normally would with G/D played as a normal G chord.
  • Key Signature: E Major... 4 sharps - (F# C# G# D#)
  • Key Signature with capo: D Major... 2 sharp - (F# C#)
  • Time Signature: 6/8 This means there are 6 quaver/eighth-note beats per bar. This can also be counted as | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | or | 1& 2& 3& 4& 5& 6& |
  • A dotted quaver rest at the start of the song is equivalent to 1 + 1/2 eighth-note rest, or 1 eighth-note + 1 sixteenth-note rest. So, if you count the bar as | 1& 2& 3& 4& 5& 6& | (6 eighth-notes / 12 sixteenth-notes), the 1& is an eighth-note rest, and the 2 is a sixteenth-note rest... you come in on the & after the 2.
  • The notes leading up to the first full bar of music is called an anacrusis.
  • In the Intro wherever you see 'riff', you can continue to play the D chord if you don't want to play the riff.

Transposition if you want to play in the original key of E Major:

Capo on 2 - D Major G/D D Dsus4 Asus4 A Bm C Em Gmaj7 C#dim
Orig. Key - E Major A/E E Esus4 Bsus4 B C#m D F#m Amaj7 D#dim
  • The hyphen between 2 chords in a bar means the chords share equal beat counts in that bar, which in this case is 3 beats per chord (6/8 time), e.g., | Gmaj7 - Em | means 3 beat counts on Gmaj7 and 3 beat counts on Em.
The C#dim chord is an easy chord to play ... see charts.

What are the notes for a C#dim ?

1. Firstly you need to look at the notes in a C# Major Scale: C# D# E# F# G# A# B# (All sharps)

2. Then you need to look at the chord formula for a diminished chord: 1 - ♭3 - ♭5 (root, minor third, diminished fifth)

3. Take the notes out of the scale required for the chord ( 1 3 5 ): C# E# G#

4. Apply the formula (1 - ♭3 - ♭5): C#- E - G

Once you become familiar with the process and remember your formulas, you can go from step 1 to step 4 in no time at all.
Free Music Service Button  For all key transpositions including optional chord charts, highlight & copy the song sheet above and click on the button... more.
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Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz has released a number of albums from 2001-2009, experienceing a lot of success during that time. In 2009 he was nominated for two Grammy Awards; Song Of The Year, and Best Male Vocal Performance for “I’m Yours”. In 2010 he won 2 Grammy Awards; Best Male Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

In 2010 he went to The Gulf of Mexico to assist with the clean-up of The BP oil spill; was in Ghana fighting against child slavery, and in the Antarctica to understand the impact of climate change. He is a concerned humanitarian who would like to use his notoriety to help effect positive change on our planet.

During his travels Jason wrote his 4th album 'Love Is A Four Letter Word'. He is quoted as saying, "I write for the purpose of understanding what the hell’s going on in my life, my position in the world, processing that lesson and that miracle that I’m learning".

The song, I Wont Give Up is a beautiful acoustic ballad about a relationship that he is not ready to let go of, and wants to fight to keep it alive.The song was a big success for Jason, debuting at Number 8 on the US Billboard Chart. It sold over 3 million copies in The US and had international success in a variety of countries.

One can only hope that Jason Mraz has continued success with his music career enabling him to pursue his quest for championing the causes of many... well done Jason.

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