Hotel California chords

by The Eagles

Hotel California was written by Don Felder, Glenn Frey and Don Henley from the band 'The Eagles'. They recorded the song in 1976 and released it February, 1977 from the album of the same name.

Music: Key of B Minor in 4/4 time at 74 bpm (♩)
Chords: Bm, F#, A, E, G, D, Em
The Eagles

Hotel California by The Eagles

Intro: 4/4 
   ||:  Bm  |  F#  |  A  |  E  |  G  |  D  |  Em  |  F#  :|| x2

 Bm                            F#
1. On a dark de-sert high-way___ Cool wind in my hair
 A                          E
   Warm smell of col-i-tas___ Ris-ing up through the air
 G                             D
   Up a-head in the dis-tance___ I saw a shim-mer-ing light
 Em                                           F#
   My head grew hea-vy and my sight grew dim___ I had to stop for the night

 Bm                                 F#
2. There she stood in the door-way___ I heard the mis-sion bell
 A                                                  E
   And I was thin-king to my-self___ This could be Hea-ven or this could be  Hell
 G                            D
   Then she lit up a can-dle___ And she showed me the way
 Em                                        F#
   There were voi-ces down the cor-ri-dor___ I thought I heard them say

       G                             D
Chorus: Welcome to the Ho-tel Cal-i-for-nia
                F#                                               Bm
        Such a love-ly place (Such  a  love-ly place)___ Such a love-ly face
         G                                   D
        Plen-ty of room at the Ho-tel Cal-i-for-nia
             Em                                         F#
        Any time of year (Any time of year)___ You can find it here

 Bm                                  F#
3. Her mind is ‘Tif-fa-ny twist-ed’___ She got the Mer-ce-des bends___ (ooh)
 A                                        E
   She got a lot of pret-ty pret-ty boys___ She calls friends
 G                                       D
   How they dance in the court-yard___ Sweet sum-mer sweat
 Em                          F#
   Some dance to re-mem-ber___ Some dance to for-get

 Bm                              F#
4. So I called up the Cap-tain___ “Please bring me my wine"
           A                                            E
   He said, "We have-n't had that spi-rit here___ Since  nine-teen six-ty nine"
 G                                            D
   And still those voi-ces are cal-ling from far a-way
 Em                                         F#
   Wake you up in the mid-dle of the night___ Just to hear them say-ay

       G                             D
Chorus: Welcome to the Ho-tel Cal-i-for-nia
                F#                                             Bm
        Such a love-ly place (Such a love-ly place)___ Such a love-ly face
                 G                                 D
        They’re liv-in' it up at the Ho-tel Cal-i-for-nia
                Em                                                  F#
        What a nice sur-prise (what a nice sur-prise)___ Bring your al-i-bis

 Bm                         F#
5. Mir-rors on the ceil-ing___ The pink cham-pagne on ice
                A                                    E
   And she said  "We are all just pris-on-ers  here___ Of our own device"
 G                                 D
   And in the mas-ter's cham-bers___ They ga-thered for their feast
 Em                                                    F#
   They stab it with their steel-y knives___ But they just can't kill the beast

 Bm                                F#
6. Last thing I re-mem-ber___ I was  run-ning for the door
 A                                             E
   I had to find the pas-sage back___ To the place I was be-fore
 G                                      D
  "Relax" said the night man___ "We are  pro-grammed to re-ceive
 Em                                      F#    
   You can check-out a-ny time you like___ But you can ne-ver leave!"

   ||:  Bm  |  F#  |  A  |  E  |  G  |  D  |  Em  |  F#  :|| x4
                                                          ...repeat & fade or end on Bm

B Minor

Fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Notes played
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: Play open 
x: Don't play string

Right-Handed Chord Tabs

           Bm                  F#                   A                   E 
    e |-1-|---|---|     e |-1-|---|---|     e |---|---|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |-1-|-2-|---|     B |-1-|---|---|     B |---|-3-|---|     B |---|---|---|
    G |-1-|---|-4-|     G |-1-|-2-|---|     G |---|-2-|---|     G |-1-|---|---|
    D |-1-|---|-3-|     D |-1-|---|-4-|     D |---|-1-|---|     D |---|-3-|---|
    A |-1-|---|---|     A |-1-|---|-3-|     A |---|---|---|     A |---|-2-|---|
    E |---|---|---|x    E |-1-|---|---|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|
Frets   2   3   4           2   3   4           1   2   3           1   2   3

            G                   D                  Em 
    e |---|---|-3-|     e |---|-2-|---|     e |---|---|---|
    B |---|---|---|     B |---|---|-3-|     B |---|---|---|
    G |---|---|---|     G |---|-1-|---|     G |---|---|---|
    D |---|---|---|     D |---|---|---|     D |---|-2-|---|
    A |---|-1-|---|     A |---|---|---|x    A |---|-1-|---|
    E |---|---|-2-|     E |---|---|---|x    E |---|---|---|
Frets   1   2   3           1   2   3           1   2   3 

Left-Handed Chord Tabs 

          Bm                  F#                  A                   E
    |---|---|-1-| e     |---|---|-1-| e     |---|---|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|-2-|-1-| B     |---|---|-1-| B     |---|-3-|---| B     |---|---|---| B
    |-4-|---|-1-| G     |---|-2-|-1-| G     |---|-2-|---| G     |---|---|-1-| G
    |-3-|---|-1-| D     |-4-|---|-1-| D     |---|-1-|---| D     |---|-3-|---| D
    |---|---|-1-| A     |-3-|---|-1-| A     |---|---|---| A     |---|-2-|---| A
   x|---|---|---| E     |---|---|-1-| E    x|---|---|---| E     |---|---|---| E
      4   3   2           4   3   2           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets
          G                   D                  Em
    |-3-|---|---| e     |---|-2-|---| e     |---|---|---| e
    |---|---|---| B     |-3-|---|---| B     |---|---|---| B
    |---|---|---| G     |---|-1-|---| G     |---|---|---| G
    |---|---|---| D     |---|---|---| D     |---|-2-|---| D
    |---|-1-|---| A    x|---|---|---| A     |---|-1-|---| A
    |-2-|---|---| E    x|---|---|---| E     |---|---|---| E
      3   2   1           3   2   1           3   2   1   Frets


  • Level Of Ease: Easy - if you just want to strum along, the song is very easy to play.
  • Song Key: Bm minor (2 sharps - F# C#) - relative minor of D major (share the same notes and the same key signature)
  • The Intro to this song is probably one of the most famous of all time. It has a very distinct sound, and if you play it on a 12 string guitar and use the same picking style, it sounds amazing. The guitar TAB for the first 8 bars looks like this... notice the slight chord alterations to suit the picking notes, F#7, Asus2 and E9.

    Hotel California TAB - Intro

  • If there are 2 of you playing, one guitarist can play the normal chords in Bm while the other guitarist plays in Em with the capo on the 7th fret... sounds great.
  • This is a great song to have in your repertoire. It is The Eagles' signature song, and with good reason.
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