Frosty The Snowman chords & lyrics

by The Countdown Kids

  • Frosty The Snowman - Music & Lyrics: Walter 'Jack' Rollins & Steve Nelson
  • First Recording: December 14th, 1950 by Gene Autry & The Cass County Boys. Reached No 7 on the US Pop Singles Chart.
  • Featured Artists: The Countdown Kids from the album 30 Toddler Christmas Carols, Vol.1
  • Music: Key of B♭ Major in 4/4 time at 80 bpm (Minim)
  • Song Chords: B♭, B♭7, F, F7, G7, E♭, Cm, C7
  • Easier - Capo on 1st fret: Play in A Major
  • Chords with Capo: A, A7, E, E7, F#7, D, Bm, B7

Frosty The Snowman

Capo on 1st fret if playing with video

                    A  Bb
Intro: 4/4 | / / /  ♪ ♪ ||   D   | A   -  F#7 | Bm  - E  |   A    ||

    A                             D             A
1. Fros-ty the snow-man___ Was a jol-ly hap-py soul
           D                   A                       E                A
   With a corn cob pipe and a but-ton nose___ And two eyes made out of coal
    A                            D                A
   Fros-ty the snow-man___ Is a fair-y tale they say
           D                         A        F#7           Bm       E        A
   He was made out of snow but the child-ren know___ How he came to life one day

               D                   A              E                  A
Bridge: There must have been some mag-ic in that old silk cap they found
             E                  E7                B7               E  -   E7
        For when they placed it on his head he be-gan to dance a-round___(Oh)

    A                             D               A
2. Fros-ty the snow-man___ Was a-live as he could be
             D                      A       F#7               Bm      E      A
   And the child-ren say he could laugh and play___ Just the same as you and me
    A                                D                A
   Fros-ty the snow-man___ Knew the sun was hot that day
          D                        A        F#7            Bm     E      A
   So he said let’s run and we’ll have some fun___ Now be-fore I melt a-way

    A                               D                 A
3. Down to the vil-lage___ With a broom stick in his hand
             D                     A        F#7               Bm      E       A
   Run-ning here and there all a-round the square___ Say-ing catch me if you can

            D                   A                  E                A  -  A7
Bridge: He led them down the streets of town right to the traf-fic cop
               E              E7               B7                E  -  E7
        And he on-ly paused a mo-ment when he heard him hol-ler stop!

    A                              D             A
4. Fros-ty the snow-man___ Had to hur-ry on his way
            D                     A        F#7             Bm     E         A
   But he waved good-bye say-ing Don't you cry___ I'll be back a-gain some day

Outro: Thump-e-ty thump thump___ Thump-e-ty thump thump
                A7     E
       Look at Fros-ty go
       Thump-e-ty thump thump___ Thump-e-ty thump thump
                  E7       A
       Ov-er the hills of snow

A Major

Red Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 : Fingers/Notes 
A column of 1's: Barre 1st finger over marked strings
Unmarked strings: play open
x: don't play string
barre: barre chord
alt: alternative voicing
(3): Optional Note - If you don't play the optional note, do play the string

 Right Handed Chord Tabs
           A                 A7                  E                 E7               E7 (alt) 
    e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|     e|---|---|---|
    B|---|-3-|---|     B|---|-3-|---|     B|---|---|---|     B|---|---|---|     B|---|---|-4-|
    G|---|-2-|---|     G|---|---|---|     G|-1-|---|---|     G|-1-|---|---|     G|-1-|---|---|
    D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-1-|---|     D|---|-3-|---|     D|---|---|---|     D|---|(3)|---|
    A|---|---|---|     A|---|---|---|     A|---|-2-|---|     A|---|-2-|---|     A|---|-2-|---|
    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|     E|---|---|---|     E|---|---|---|
Frets  1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3          1   2   3

           D                 Bm              Bm (barre)            B7              F#7(barre) 
    e|---|-2-|---|     e|-1-|---|---|     e|-1-|---|---|     e|---|-4-|---|     e|-1-|---|---|
    B|---|---|-3-|     B|---|-2-|---|     B|-1-|-2-|---|     B|---|---|---|     B|-1-|---|---|
    G|---|-1-|---|     G|---|---|-4-|     G|-1-|---|-4-|     G|---|-3-|---|     G|-1-|-2-|---|
    D|---|---|---|     D|---|---|-3-|     D|-1-|---|-3-|     D|-1-|---|---|     D|-1-|---|---|
    A|---|---|---|x    A|---|---|---|x    A|-1-|---|---|     A|---|-2-|---|     A|-1-|---|-3-|
    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|---|---|---|x    E|-1-|---|---|
Frets  1   2   3          2   3   4          2   3   4          1   2   3          2   3   4

 Left Handed Chord Tabs   
          A                 A7                  E                 E7               E7 (alt)
    |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e     |---|---|---|e
    |---|-3-|---|B     |---|-3-|---|B     |---|---|---|B     |---|---|---|B     |-4-|---|---|B
    |---|-2-|---|G     |---|---|---|G     |---|---|-1-|G     |---|---|-1-|G     |---|---|-1-|G
    |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-1-|---|D     |---|-3-|---|D     |---|---|---|D     |---|(3)|---|D
    |---|---|---|A     |---|---|---|A     |---|-2-|---|A     |---|-2-|---|A     |---|-2-|---|A
   x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E     |---|---|---|E     |---|---|---|E     |---|---|---|E
      3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1          3   2   1   Frets
          D                 Bm              Bm (barre)            B7              F#7(barre)
    |---|-2-|---|e     |---|---|-1-|e     |---|---|-1-|e     |---|-4-|---|e     |---|---|-1-|e
    |-3-|---|---|B     |---|-2-|---|B     |---|-2-|-1-|B     |---|---|---|B     |---|---|-1-|B
    |---|-1-|---|G     |-4-|---|---|G     |-4-|---|-1-|G     |---|-3-|---|G     |---|-2-|-1-|G
    |---|---|---|D     |-3-|---|---|D     |-3-|---|-1-|D     |---|---|-1-|D     |-4-|---|-1-|D
   x|---|---|---|A    x|---|---|---|A     |---|---|-1-|A     |---|-2-|---|A     |-3-|---|-1-|A
   x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E    x|---|---|---|E     |---|---|-1-|E
      3   2   1          4   3   2          4   3   2          3   2   1          4   3   2   Frets     


Frosty The Snowman
  • Song Key: B♭ Major - We will be using a capo on the 1st fret and play in the key of A Major.
  • 80 bpm (Minim) ... the beat sounds on every 1st & 3rd quarter-note / crotchet of each bar for those of you using a metronome or click track, with the value of each beat, a half note or minim as the symbol suggests.

    You can set the metronome at 160 bpm to play on every beat, but it sounds a little busy... the choice is yours.
  • In the Intro the xylophone comes in on the 4th beat of the first bar. There are 3 crotchet rests which indicate 3 beats of rest, then 2 eighth-notes / quavers on 4& (A, B♭) going into the second bar. The guitar starts on the second bar, although you can play the leading notes of A & B♭ on the 4& of the first bar if you wish... see chart.
  • This song is very simple to play although there are a couple of barre chords, but don't be put off as they are very easy to play.
  • The F#7 barre chord can be played like the E7 with the extra notes ... this is shown above in the written chords.
  • | Bm - E | Play the Bm chord for 2 beats and the E chord for 2 beats.
Transposition for the key of B♭ Major: we have also included the original published key of C Major
Capo: Fret 1 - A Major A A7 E E7 F#7 D Bm B7
Performance: Key B♭Major B♭ B♭7 F F7 G7 E♭ Cm C7
Original Published Key - C Major C C7 G G7 A7 F Dm D7
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