6th Guitar Chords

all 6th chords - chord theory and charts

6th guitar chords - consist of a major triad plus an added major 6th interval - it has a root, a major 3rd, a perfect 5th and a major 6th.

Put simply, a 6th chord is a major chord with an added 6th - a major 6th chord.

The symbol for a 6th chord is simly 6, e.g., a C major 6th chord would be written as C6.

The chord formula for a 6th chord is 1 - 3 - 5 - 6

The featured song for this session is Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed. It is a great introduction to playing a 6th chord, and will give you a handy insight into how a 6 chord can influence the overall sound and feel of a song.

Example... Calculating B6
  • 6th chords consist of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th notes of a Major Scale
  • B chords are built around the B major scale.
  • B major scale reads: B - C# - D# - E - F# - G# - A#
  • Formula for a 6 chord = 1 - 3 - 5 - 6
  • Substitute notes into the formula (1=B, 3=D#, 5=F#, 6=G#)
  • The B6 chord reads: B - D# - F# - G#

6th (6) Chord Table
6 chord A A# B♭ B C C# D♭ D D# E♭ E F F# G♭ G G# A♭
Root A A# B♭ B C C# D♭ D D# E♭ E F F# G♭ G G# A♭
Major 3rd C# Cx(D) D D# E E#(F) F F# Fx(G) G G# A A# B♭ B B#(C) C
Perfect 5th E E#(F) F F# G G# A♭ A A# B♭ B C C# D♭ D D# E♭
Major 6th F# Fx(G) G G# A A# B♭ B B#(C) C C# D D# E♭ E E#(F) F

A 6 - C 6

(A sixth to C sixth)

6th Guitar Chords: A7 - C7

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A6 - C6

6th Lefty Chords - Part 1

C#6 - E6

(C sharp sixth to E sixth)

6th Chords: C#7 - E7

Left Handed Chords : Open | Close

C#6 - E6

6th Lefty Chords - Part 2

F 6 - Ab6

(F sixth to A flat sixth)

6th Chords: F7 - G#7

Left Handed Chords : Open | Close

F6 - Ab6

6th Lefty Chords - Part 3

I hope you have enjoyed this section on 6th Guitar Chords. Although 6th chords are not used very often in modern music, they do provide variation and interest.

Try this - | A | A6 | A | A6 | D | Dsus4 | A | A6 |

Play this in 4:4 time, at a moderate tempo. Each chord is to be played for the whole bar. It's an interesting sound and can be a great way to finish a song in any particular key. Next time you play a tune in any given key, try finishing the song with the key 6th chord. See what you think...